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All user reviews for the Akai MPK88

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 3 reviews33 %
Value For Money:Excellent
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BeyondR's review

Akai MPK88
Akai MPK88 MIDI keyboard has fully weighted keys with aftertouch, as well as 16 genuine MPC pads that motivated my curiosity to try this product, and I must admit it's very Pro and it almost feels like a real piano.

It has a Midi type of connection.


The general configuration of the program it's very simple, it has a well detailed manual.
However it has plenty of controller, knobs, sliders, so if you're new to this technology you should read it more carefully and check maybe some tutorials and guides.


What I like most about Akai MPK88 88-Key MIDI Controller is the feel of the keys, the aftertouch, the rubber, I also enjoy the fact that MPK made this controller to feel more like an acoustic instrument rather than as a controller.
Another great features that this product has, it's the build-in arpeggiator that can boost your creativity and just add some fun to the playing.

As a pianist, you would find more than enough the 88 keys provided by MPK and 76 assignable rotary knobs, sliders, and buttons that allow you full control over your work station.

My opinion regarding the value of price is great, for 800$ you get a 88 keys midi controller with many features and with the Ableton Lite version, which is quite handy.
This controller adds that little detail regarding mixing, sequencing, with 16 genuine MPC pads, velocity- and pressure-sensitive.

However this product is quite heavy, so if own this program, don't think you just can carry it around like you would with an M-audio Axiom 49, this product is heavy, keep that in mind.

Everything about this product works great, my only complain would be that it costs pretty much, so not anyone could afford to buy it, having said that, this product has a top quality and response.

JeffTadashi's review"Great MIDI Controller for Pianists"

Akai MPK88
This is one of the few keyboard MIDI controllers that has it all! 88 fully-weighted hammer action keys, drum pads, sliders, knobs, buttons, mod and pitch wheels, external pedals and expressions, just to name the basics. With an easy to read LCD display, you can program everything easily from the keyboard itself. It has many additional functions such as keyboard split, arpeggiator, drum repeating, transport controls, and tap tempo, which can all be useful (or not useful) depending on the specific application. Luckily, the keyboard is very customizable: you can use the drum pads to change program channels, for instance.

I made a legitimate joke to my friends: This is the largest usb-powered device ever. Just plug it to your computer with usb, and it's ready to go. Only additional connection I need is to plug in my sustain pedal.


Given all of the controls and functions on this keyboard, it is relatively easy to program and use, provided that you are familiar with the basics of MIDI. In the edit mode, you simple need to move a knob or press the corresponding function button or pad in order to edit it's's very intuitive.

There's also a program change mode that lets you send program change commands, but I find it too slow for when I use the keyboard for live shows. Instead, I program the eight buttons to quickly switch to programs 1-8.

In the preset mode, you can save the entire layout of the keyboard setup in dozens of different presets. Useful if you are using the keyboard for two entirely different purposes, but I find that one master setup works for all of my live and studio applications.


There are seemingly very few hammer action MIDI controllers out there, but if you are piano player like me, that utilizes a computer setup, and does synthesizer work as well, this keyboard is nearly perfect. A bit pricey for a keyboard that has no sound engine, but it is elegant, versatile, professional, and simple to use. I just wished it wasn't so heavy to carry around (almost 70 lbs!)

boomboomusic's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best for the stage and studio"

Akai MPK88
- Heavy touch
- 8 fader mixing
- 16 pads
all easily configurable with booster sets, etc.


For me simply the best value on the market today compared to-seen opportunities beast.


After much time spent with other brands I finally found the master key that meets all my needs in the studio and on stage.

Selmit's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent keyboard"

Akai MPK88
88 keys, 16 pads, 8 rotary faders + infinite, everything you need for the home studio, one keyboard.


Touch is certainly one could drive over some pianos, but it is incommensurate with most keyboards ... Can be assayed strike force and the dynamics responds responds really well.
The pads are a little hard, but very durable. One may well release it live, no risk of them fart.
The manual is it to do, nothing more.
The general configuration is simple enough, if one has already handled some such material and all buttons / knobs are easily editable, using a simple button.


I use it for more than a year, after handling a few other models in the store.
The feature that I like the least is its weight, but it takes what it takes to be a hit as comfortable ... An On / Off button would have been a good idea, too.
The price / quality ratio must take into account robustness. And in my opinion, the keyboard will still work perfectly in 20 years ... So I think this is a very good value for money, given the features, quality and finishing touch in general.
I would do this choice with your eyes closed.

EPSIL@N's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)"an imposing master keyboard!"

Akai MPK88
See product page for details.


Perfect as a master keyboard, touch is good, a bit hard to me but nothing too bad.

The many functions Pad Knob etc ... are very convenient.

In addition the keyboard is pre-configured for most sequencers, Cubase, Ableton, etc. Top!

The only reproaches is that it does not offer the power button to "turn off (via USB connection), the solution is simply to buy a USB hub with on / off and the matter is resolved;)

The hit, strictly speaking, the black keys of plastic quality, is excellent!

Allow room for it is still 1.30m long, is deep enough and almost 30Kg


This is my first Master Keyboard 88-key hammer, I'm not really disappointed by the quality made by Akai in Midi opportunities, the finish is exemplary and it is very pleasant to use.

"Hardness" is just a matter of habit;)

Beautiful and very good keyboard! I do not regret my purchase!

Finally, value for money is excellent!

Go for it;)
Des notes et du bruit12/24/2010

Des notes et du bruit's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)"Very good"

Akai MPK88
For connectivity I'll let you see the data sheet. I'll embellish a M Audio SP2.

Motivation of choice:
88-key hammer
lots of little buttons that let her play with vst
expertise AKAI
the price (purchase before the general increase)


Good product, feels very correct for non-pianist, most suitable for people accustomed to keyboards like me, has a real piano touch.
Plugged into my macbook, launched Live and everything works without having to configure anything, it's perfect. (Live usb, not through a HUB, the beast being greedy).
I was not too far in using it for the Intant, I did that last week.


A week.
I tried a million audio and a CME 88-key hammer and in the same price range. The MPK88 pleased me because it has many more features compared to the others.
It is a good (before the increase I would have put very good) quality / price ratio that will fit very well with those seeking a complete, robust, and inexpensive in view of its qualities.

Bad points:
No on / off button (I'm exaggerating a bit but I find it very useful)
The weight (30 kilos anyway from the gearbox) it is difficult to transport, forget about doing the club scene every night with installation and uninstall.
Arpeggiator useless (it is a function not in itself an arpeggiator)
The pads and the buttons are a little noisy.

AnthoBou's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Probably the Best-of the moment!"

Akai MPK88
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
The Hit 88-heavy
The pad functions, etc.
2 inputs + 1 footswitch input expression
The design of the beast
Adjustable Velocity curve


The hit is a bit steep but you get used very quickly.
I tended to try too hard but this makes it more accurate than his buddies
Viewpoint manual, I was given a manual to share photocopied and stapled the whole series mpk. So I found this to be adequate but I am not sure this "manual" is seen routinely given with the forums.

Simple setup. Small software comes with windows and mac ...


I have been using less than a month and began live on stage.
Frankly between type mpc pads, touch keyboard and all its features very comprehensive, it gives me the best 88-key keyboard controller that crossed my hands for now!
Before I tried it, possessed:
VMK188 more (not bad), Doepfer LMK4 + (the price for the crippling see my review), CME, M-Audio who have hit that does not convince me.

small flat of MPK88 ... The placement of the faders could be more central on the left see that it might have been more convenient!

Value for money on top! For the moment I found my pet!

yotribe's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai MPK88
I own the Akai MPK 88 for 6 months I can therefore post a review:

What characteristics have motivated your choice?

- The number of octaves
- Pads
- The numerous checks and South Barre transport MMC / MIDI


The touch keyboard is it nice? Should your use?

- The Touch is nice: similar to the Yamaha Clavinova.
The touch is lighter q "an acoustic piano, which is not to displease me its possible to play the Rhodes, Melotron or even organ (the touch is still heavy to play only the organ, but it helps out:)
- The keys are a bit noisy, but it does not interfere at all when playing at low volume.

Very pleasant to program the drums or to play slap bass, for example.
I own a Trigger Finger and I had an MPC 1000 and Roland Sp 555il a few years ago, I found the pads of MPK 88 very good, comparable to the MPC 1000 is in addition to the same note and repeat on the MPK 16 Levels. It's simple, the Trigger Finger is in its box since the MPK 88 is arriving in my HS.

The general configuration is simple?

Installation do this all alone on mac plugnplay

For configuration presets:
- From the keyboard: not in spite of his screen menu is not very simple, between a Roland (complicated) and a Korg (single)

- From Software:
Yes: The configuration software supplied with Vyzex is relatively simple and fully functional Mac OSX.

To sustain pedal not forget to adjust the pedal on the DC 64.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
- The manual is very limited: mistranslated and not very clear explanations.

The selection of MIDI channels, patches is easy?

- Yes, provided you have configured the software with patches Vyzex


For how long have you been using it? I use it for 6 months

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
- Yes several digital pianos and heavy touch the keyboard master of M Audio (to avoid).

What thing do you like most/least about it?

- Plus: 88 keys Key Hammer

- The least: Dimensions of the 88 keys

What is your opinion about the value for the price? Very Good

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ... For that price, less than 700 € without hesitation.


A very good keyboard heavy touch with many controls that allows any controller that DAW, virtual instrument.

+ The price.
+ The Look: pro and solid appearance.
+ Quality of touch.
+ Pads types MPC Note Repeat with Full Level, Bank and 16 Levels.
+ MIDI controls.
+ The pitch bend and modulation of pleasant and well Assayable.

- No Logic Pro Patch (must be same building, and besides if someone to do something, I'm interested).
- Operating unclear
- Arpeggiator and Tap Tempo limited, I can do work only when the keyboard is supreme.
Keys-slightly noisy (the noise did not change in 6 months).
- Weight: weighs at least 15 pounds
- No buttons ON-OFF

Régis's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai MPK88
* What characteristics have motivated your choice?
* What connections (MIDI pedals ...)? ...

The brand and its expertise in master keyboard a few years ago with Mx76. it was reversible at the time.
The potential of MPK88
The number of octaves
The piano keys with weighted hammer touch and aftertouch.
The pads
The connectivity
New product and since this is my first keyboard master real thing, take all the latest (if good)
Connectors: midi out to midi in Din Motif XS rack MPK88 USB Midi to PC for VST, Reason pedal piano type

3 taken pedals
1 midi out DIN5
1 midi in DIN5
one PSU

Note that you must use the PSU to use the DIN5 and then disconnect the USB or no midday on DIN5. (Cheese or dessert)

It lacks a power button for it to be off if connected to AC
It lacks a switch to change modes noon (USB to another USB) when the 2 are connected
Missing buttons allowing direct access to MIDI channels (split, layer.etc.)
It lacks the ability to assign each sysex on pots / slider
It lacks the possibility of him to memorize the names of the patches and bank
Generally when using this kind of device is an expander to work with, not necessarily next ... so to see the name appear the patch would have been a real plus but the product does the same then ... concurence visibly team product does not use its products ...

It lacks a good documentation even a real onwer manual in English, but this is superficial and incomplete that we intyéresserait


The hit is super nice, albeit a bit lighter and different from a piano, but very very good.
Memory is less smooth touchdown on a Roland RD700 though.

The finishing touches on the corners is catchy side musician. finishing a little neglected (on mine)
Forget the ridiculous Arpegiator is a stew that does not deserve this name flattering "Arpegiator.

The quality of the produce is to go. when you look closely it is more than made in USA made in china ... besides I was not watching where he is

Apart from the finishing touches that deserves a fine lime (soft nail, not the red and white) (on mine anyway) to soften the edges just unmold. they hang their fingers.

I (attempt to) fly Reason, VST, and Motif XS rack, or even the blow of junoStage
I looked for a moment to use the MIDI din 5 out, and reading and rereading the documentation (translated by an automatic assuredly as usual)
rather poorly done and I could read on page 12 that the port was active DIN5 noon or when you do not connect the usb port ... (sic) as the keyboard comes san salim (6v 1a) ...
I repeat the doc is very very superficial on the subject usb midi / din ...

The app could be friendly if not + stuffed shells.

It's painful. I did not like and go through the keyboard to change the setting it is easier ...

It's sad not to know to make a simple app of our day. Yet part entrusted to "specialist" Yeah ..

Manage a few messages sysex ds gui ... December is not ..
Finally others seem to find their happiness with the 49 key version is less .... Job title

There is still no firmware upgrade by now are. there is for the 49 key model.

The pads are pretty poor hit and sensitivity. Even if they are from the MPC1000 brand ... there are far better elsewhere (Boss & amp; co)

I put 9 for the keyboard part pure (because that is what it s'gait to play)!

but I tend to put 6 or 7
ds if I enter the note and feel the soft part on the keyboard to modif eels I pass or 5 to4


Recently one month ... so I will update this game and yes the price, if I put aside the Yamaha KX 8 of (older) not too pad ... new version soon ... hard

there was nothing I liked. too plastic, too cheap!

I liked the simplicity of the akai,
robusteste the apparent and real,
the pro side
The piano keys and 7 octaves (the hit of happiness!)
The Good value for money 645euros including postage (January 2010) in correct time (3days included on command from web delivered product) deadline, price Port respected bravo for this site to pass on the phone and kindness and respect commitment is against the heavy packaging is doubled but seriously ... I chi ..... to remove the cardboard without cutting it true ... 2 people plus mini ... it is HEAVY!
Despite the setbacks on the soft and sad documentation, I do not regret the purchase.

The app provided "works" Windows 7 attention
Small flat, no PSU supplied (6v 1a)
but hey if the product is plugged into the USB autonomous

However if like me you leave the PC on (with its eco standby), then the keyboard will remain lit as it does not switch service ...
Save the planet!? AKAI not know, made in usa
Mind if I turned off my PC .... :-)

So 8 / 10 to rebuild it if it was I took my time to find anything better but ....