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Accessories for Bowed Instruments user reviews

  • Shadow SH SV1 Single Disc Violin Pickup

    Shadow SH SV1 Single Disc Violin Pickup - "Great low-end violin pickup"


    The Shadow SH SV1 is a single disc electrical pickup, designed to be used with a regular acoustic violin. The transducer disc in 12mm in diameter, and it is made of piezoelectric material, and creates electrical signals from vibrations. The disc is …

  • Schertler BASIK PRO SET

    Schertler BASIK PRO SET - phraseland's review


    This is the budget version of the Schertler Dyn Pickup. I own both of them and even though the more expesive one costs almost three times as much I do like the Basik better. The version I am describing comes with a special 'goo' which attaches the mi…

Translated user reviews
  • Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup

    Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup - " good good"


    used for a few months and around thirty concerts, with or without sound mounted by a luthier (€ 330 including mounting and edit bridge) is mounted on the bracket serious side, we rarely acute side, it seems to work too. it works, we hear his bas…

  • Ischell inside C CB9

    Ischell inside C CB9 - " I love it"


    After trying almost everything, the best system in my opinion for the stage. I plug directly into my bass amp. Resistance to feedback as a cell and the quality of a good microphone. Dozens of concerts, I finally the sound of my bass louder. Pizz or b…

  • Schertler BASIK SET

    Schertler BASIK SET - " Terrible!"


    I use it for a year, I was looking for a natural sound for my acoustic bass as well as my bass (both already amplified via a piezo sensor). The sound of this unit is very natural and surprising for its size. It lacks a little serious for my taste, …

  • Schertler BASIK SET

    Schertler BASIK SET - " C is rather well"


    I used last year on a flamenco guitar in cypress, for a little trial and error of jazz.Apres, I have found its place on the tailpiece, right near string ... I am using for a small console yamaha equalizer, which I cut all frequencies except a little…

  • Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup

    Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup - " One of the least bad system"


    I used this cell for a year and a half after having an old Barcus Berry, a fismann BP 100: to avoid, or manufacturing or even, 2 to 1 € piezo wafer, solder, glue for solidify ... I made a few, to test, and I currently use a Schertler Stat B select. …

  • Fishman BP-100 Upright Bass Pickup

    Fishman BP-100 Upright Bass Pickup - " Not buying"


    used three years (too) is a very bad cell for bass, it is better not to buy it and put an SM 57 in front and save to buy a full circle! Really it is horrible as his, it's cheap but far too expensive for what it is! If you do not want to be ashamed b…

  • Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup

    Fishman Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup - " Finally a good cell"


    Finally a good cell for bass. I use it for two years. Even without an amp live on stage in a DI it sounds terrible. I bring equa always pedal home boss if it is rare that I serve. Very few repiste (very useful when using a looper ...) For the sla…

  • Schertler Stat-B-SET

    Schertler Stat-B-SET - " Seen anything better that price"


    I use it since 4 years ago I was playing on a sensor Fishman (150). Report qualitprix honnte, nothing more. It's been almost 400 even when the sensor! With exprience, I do it again this election. Advantages: very good sound, finally finished th…