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R-skillz's review"Auralex Mopad review"

Auralex Mopad
The MoPADs are monitor isolation pads. They’re designed to separate your monitors from the surface they're standing on, they are easy to install, and will improve the sound of your monitors and you will hear what your music really sounds like.

I've been using them for 2 years now and i really like them, and they're affordable so i really recommend them if you need to upgrade your studio acoustics.

Anonymous 's review

Auralex Mopad
I don't own a set of Auralex Mopads as I currently mix on headphones. However, I made my way over to a friend's home studio (he studies music production) where he owns a pair of KRK Rokit8's. This was before I even understood the concept of proper acoustic treatment for anything at all, so when I saw those brilliant yellow monitors sitting on four pieces of foam, I only had a vague idea of what it was supposed to be for. So he showed me.

He was working on a project that I had come over to listen to. When I asked about the silly pieces of foam his monitors were sitting on, he just had to prove it to me. We listened to his mix (it was a heavy rock mix) originally with the KRK's sitting on the Mopads and I, not understanding the difference, didn't really get what was so special about it.

Then, he removed the Mopads and we listened to it again. WOW. I was blown away at how spoiled the Mopads made me. The mix sounded comparatively terrible! It wasn't that they were actually bad, but the difference was noticeable.

If I recall correctly, his desk was made of a cheap wood, so perhaps this further exacerbated the comparatively poor sound that resulted.

The clear result of using the Mopads was clearly an increase in precision, an unmuddying, and unrattling of the sound. It made the sound a lot more crisp and clean, and it prevented the distracting and metallic rings that plagued the mix without them. If I ever make the switch the using monitors (when I find a permanent room to treat; I'm always moving around), I will certainly invest in the Auralex Mopads!

They may not appear to be cheap, but I assure you, they are well worth it, as I learned that day.

moosers's review

Auralex Mopad
I bought my set of Auralex Mopads about three years ago. I bought them because I bring my recording set up around to a lot of different places and thought that these would help me to isolate my monitors no matter what my setting was. To a degree this works, but I don't rely of them to do more than what they are made to do - if a room isn't treated properly there is a chance you could still have issues. Overall, I like having these lift my monitors, which are a pair of Yamaha NS-10Ms, off whatever surface, usually wood and prevents it rumbling and isolates the sound. This is a cheap option when it comes to trying to help project the accurate sound you can possible get from your monitors. This of course is ideal when mixing as you want to be able to have an unbiased sound that will portray what it really sounds like without an external factors. The cheap price and the fact that this does help quite a bit make it an attractive option for all who are mixing in a home studio environment and beyond. I've never seen any other company make a product similar to the Auralex Mopads so I don't know how good these are compared to another product like it. At this price, it is worth the risk to try them out and see if they will help your situation as they can do a world of good, as they have done for me. I love having these, but there is only so much that they can do, so don't expect the world from them. This being said, I would definitley recommend home studio owners to check these out as they are a cheap option to isolate your monitors and will help your mixes in the end.
Audiofanzine FR11/04/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Auralex Mopad
(Originally written by kletus95/translated from Audiofanzine FR)


I hesitated a lot before buying this pack for my monitor but I can know assure you that this Mopads are excellent and really enhance the sound.
They increase the sound dynamics and precision, it's stunning!

afterglow479's review

Auralex Mopad
I have been using these for about one year. I read a little blurb about them in a magazine and was intrigued. At one of my mix stations I have to keep a small pair of monitors sitting on the desk because there isn't really enough room for speaker stands. Because of that, the bass gets all messed up, and the stereo imaging is damaged. I was skeptical because I'd tried sticking towel pieces under the speakers, and it didn't really do anything. When I eventually picked up a pair of these after hearing good things, I was very pleasantly surprised. First, they are pretty versatile. You can angle them to be flat, pointed up, and pointed down depending on where your speakers are going to be relative to your ears in your mix spot, which is very helpful because I definitely needed the speakers angled up a little bit. They are also a spaced pair per speaker, so that basically means it's going to be a one size fits all solution. In my case the speakers were pretty small, so I just used them right next to each other. Immediately after getting them all set up, there was a big difference. Bass guitars were much more clear and present. The bass just seemed much more centered and defined, whereas previously the bottom end was more of just a mushy presence of low end. In the upper end and mids, the imaging also seemed generally improved, such that I felt I could pinpoint locations more easily. I can definitely say that this is some of the best money ever spent in improving a small mix location. These pads are very cheap, and they work great. If you're desk mounting speakers or have them in some other unfortunate situation, you're going to want to pick up a pair of these. I would definitely get them again.

bbhack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" top"

Auralex Mopad
A very modest investment that improves drastically the sound that comes out of my monitor speakers.
More game foams is very comprehensive: you can tilt the speaker up, down or keep them straight.
Short but good at a very fair price. Try it is to adopt!

delayedbis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" if I had known ..."

Auralex Mopad
3 weeks intensive, I bought gramma the month before

Before I had Colsound, nothing.

Simple, cheap, effective, demand that the people, especially neighbors?

Public utility recognized

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Auralex Mopad
My best investment!
Radically removes the color from my office, despite the band dedicated to the speakers.
Gramma with support for my guitar amp, even better!

Kaprikorn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A Swiss army knife"

Auralex Mopad
Not much to add to previous reviews except that the ingenious cutting blocks of foam can effectively tilt the speakers in several ways. In my case, it allowed me to avoid buying a pair of feet to monitors: with the inclination "up", the speakers are ultimately directed towards me perfectly.
My office is thick, vibration monitors were limited, however: The MOPAD still improved overall.
In my opinion, it is a cheap and easy way to significantly improve the ability to listen to his material.


tweak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Auralex Mopad
6 months of use under the JBL LSR4326.
Aesthetics and they are well inclined towards me pregnant. Little vibration passed my office and that's what I ask them plus a tilt.
I do not ask them more.
Col'sound the M320 should be sufficient. On success if I know the density of the foam I would dcoup me even in a block of foam. But I have not found.
I do it again this choice because it is pretty and practical.
Efficiency issue: I do not know because I've had the same time as my speakers.
I hsit cnes with sound insulation and I had more confidence in Systm foam.
I do not note the maximum Col'sound because, if they offer performance scabies (for that you need to know the density of foam but I'm not Russian) infrieur prices are pr brother for your purchase.