Roland FR-1B
Roland FR-1B

FR-1B, Accordeon from Roland in the FR series.

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jh 01/22/2014

Roland FR-1B : jh's user review

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I took possession of my Fr-1b in January 2009.

It really is a great little accordion, very light (Thank you very much Roland!) ... but also very powerful.

I use two amps Roland KC-350 (for the sounds of BK-7m Stereo): This is really great!

The Fr-1b is not "stereo", it has a right audio output (which can not escape the sounds of the right hand) and left audio output (which can not escape the sounds of the left hand).

If we use only the right audio output, we go out all the sounds of En-1b (right hand and left hand).

The Fr-1b recess accordion sounds that I like a lot, some less and some not at all (but tastes, colors, etc ...), so everyone can make their choice.

Recess must customize his accordion Fr-1b (choice of reverb, chorus, volume, balance between the right / left hand hand, the desired pressure at the bellows, dynamics, etc ... , etc ...). It is very well explained in the manual (CD provided).


I (like many other amateur accordionists) that expected and was looking for a small digital accordion, with nice sounds, a very light weight to me just enjoy:

Congratulations to Roland for putting on the market Fr-1b ... for € 1,000 maximum (with a 2 year warranty)!

Note: I now use my Fr-1b with a Roland BK-7m: This is really great!

Thank you to Roland ...