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Wind Instruments user reviews

  • Yamaha Silent Brass SB7X

    Yamaha Silent Brass SB7X - "Yamaha Silent Brass review"


    I bought the Trumpet Silent Brass system in 2003-4. This may not be the same model as the SB7X. The Silent Brass system provides a mute on the projecting qualities of the trumpet. As a practice tool, the Silent Brass is nifty for late practice sessio…

  • Hohner Blues Harp MS

    Hohner Blues Harp MS - "Great Blues Harp!"


    I love this harmonica! It's my favorite among all of my diatonics (I have the Marine Band Special 20s and the Blues Harp in D.) It's warm and throaty and allows for easy bending. Fantastic!…

  • Stagg 77-TA

    Stagg 77-TA - "Made for beginners"


    I can't say the Stagg 77 TA this is the greatest trombone out there. It's just a good beginner trombone. It's easier to hold than some better sounding ones, because the weight distribution is more even. This might be to the detriment of the sound, …

  • Besson BE994 Sovereign BBb Tuba

    Besson BE994 Sovereign BBb Tuba - "The ultimate BBb Tuba"


    As my review's titles states, I consider the Besson Soverign to be the ultimate BBb tuba. Technically a 4/4 scale instrument, it nearly large enough to be considered 5/4 (oversize), so I would recommend this for a similarly large scale player. I pl…

  • Yamaha YAS-275

    Yamaha YAS-275 - yoTrakkz's review


    The Yamaha Alto YAS275 sax is the base lower end model of the Yamaha alto sax line that they have come out with. This is pretty much what you call the young person sax or the student sax. A lot of younger kids in middle school and when they first sta…

  • Conn 88h-o

    Conn 88h-o - "Solid brass.."


    The Conn 88h 0 is a great Trombone, Conn has always put out a quality instrument. This Trombone feels and looks beautiful. Has a really nice feel to it when you are holding it in play position, the slider feels great and is very easy to slide and sti…

  • Hohner Special 20 Classic

    Hohner Special 20 Classic - moosers's review


    The Hohner Special 20 is a harmonica/harp that comes in all of the Western keys. The one that I've used was in the standard key of C, which is probably the Special 20 that you'll see the most of out there. For a diatonic harmonica, this kind is def…

  • Hohner Melodica Alto 9452

    Hohner Melodica Alto 9452 - moosers's review


    The Hohner Melodica Alto is a deeper sounding instrument than your average melodica. It's also of course larger in size as to produce a deeper tone. It's also got a different feeling keyboard than your normal melodica as it's not exactly laid out l…

  • Johnson Guitars Harmonica Holder

    Johnson Guitars Harmonica Holder - moosers's review


    The Johnson Harmonica Holder is a simple contraption for holding a harmonica in place to play while you play guitar or another instrument with your hands. I got this along with the Johnson BK-520-SET Blues King Harmonica Set, although it usually doe…

  • Johnson Guitars BK-520-SET Blues King Harmonica Set

    Johnson Guitars BK-520-SET Blues King Harmonica Set - moosers's review


    The Johnson BK-520-SET Blues King Harmonica Set is a collection of 12 harmonicas in every key possible. I've had this set for a couple of years after deciding to start up on harmonica. I felt it very necessary to have one for each key as I'm playin…