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Accessories for Wind Instruments user reviews

  • AKG C 416

    AKG C 416 - moosers's review


    The AKG C 416 is a condenser goose neck shaped microphone. It is designed for use either in the studio or during live performances. It has a clip with it, and is designed to be clipped on saxophones or other horns so you can get a really close up sig…

Translated user reviews
  • AKG C 416 L

    AKG C 416 L - " Material defects"


    I use a pair of 416 for 3-4 years regularly live, one on each side of my accordion Cavagnolo. I bought these mics without too many references, vendor on board. They do a great job, my criticisms are mostly hardware: cables too thin to be reliable, …

  • AKG C 416 L

    AKG C 416 L - Studio/Sono CASMA's review


    You can not compare a microwave to 400 with another € to 150 €! In addition, the C416L is hypercardio! …

  • AKG C 516 ML

    AKG C 516 ML - berl's review


    Instrument microphone, electrostatic permanent charge Polar Pattern: Cardioid Frequency response: 60 ... 20,000 Hz Sensitivity: 5 mV / Pa (-46 dBV. 1 V / Pa) Electrical impedance at 1,000 Hz: ≤ 200 ohms Maximum sound pressure level for a fa…

  • AKG C 416 L

    AKG C 416 L - LoricAccordéons's review


    Well, I see a lot of grant is given an opinion on the microphone. But I feel that these people have not tried many. First, when I had the microphone, I quickly sold, the microphone is very low in the low and high mdium. Are then impedance is lo…

  • Yamaha ST9

    Yamaha ST9 - pvrigna's review


    Bonour, I bought this mute, because I really liked that a friend lent me. only he has the old version: bigger, with more external power supply battery and several choices of reverb, an entry for a second damper, an outlet to go to a console or r…

  • Otto Link Florida

    Otto Link Florida - martotibi's review


    I am looking to buy a similar bill. n tel: 06 60 21 06 06, friendly. …

  • Rumberger K1

    Rumberger K1 - Young koko's review


    I use this microphone for almost a year. So it's a piezo pickup that mounts to the barrel. Warning: you must drill the barrel for attaching a socket. The microphone is then inserted into the socket. A cap is provided to plug the hole in the barrel wh…

  • Jo-Ral TPT2A

    Jo-Ral TPT2A - gilles57's review


    I use the mute for three years the sound is interesting and sweet …

  • AKG C 416 L

    AKG C 416 L - plousse's review


    I use the microwave for 3 years and no problem until now. The son is fatigus APRS over 450 assembly / disassembly. I have three. 2 to give my Accordiola and one for the bandonon. Quality of its irrprochable. A default, the impdance is not large…