Lâg 4S100BCE
Lâg 4S100BCE
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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
 3 reviews50 %
 1 user review17 %
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Value For Money : Excellent
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xavier.arpajou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I like it"

Lâg 4S100BCE
manufactured in Asia at this price.
easel without ankle! rare

nothing to say pleasant handle. If too slight strings (Elixir)

micro NANOMAG under the handle and not piezo! preamp STUDIOLÂG


ergonomics extra
form ideal baby jumbo and mild! sitting playing is a joy not to mention the standing position. ca change of Dreadnought

Easy access to acute even though I rarely rises beyond the 15th fret

acoustic sound excellent and very balanced! both fingers that the mediator


it suits me perfectly
her hot round and once connected nothing has ben wrong! the preamp is not ideal for making head: 5 presets and volume.

I play on an amp electric epiphone ep330 with an eq to not color the sound.
I tried the amp on a lamp and it's great!
on an acoustic amp I like less ... but it is a matter of taste

presets are cool. the 5 th is jazzy and will suit fans of bossa nova


I've had two weeks and without hesitating I will take this model

you stole my takamine m, and n and with that a 12cordes not afford to buy a folk j have resold the survivor and after having tried ALL, with a budget of € 250 j have not found better! in fact it was hidden behind a north wind and I saw the ... well I thought I must have it and voila!

I love the shape! small (it floats in the cover of my old 12cordes) and mild! lets see the good black fingerprints but ...

I recommend it to girls because the size makes the game!

thank you and thank you lâg the spring 4S100 ECB!

accroche-pied's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad for the price!"

Lâg 4S100BCE
Guitar made in china, well finished with a good head "guitar luthier" all wood. The table is 3 layers of plywood with an outer layer improved (smaller defects veining). The finishes are of this quality that reveals a brilliant thick polyurethane varnish pasted all the details. Strangely I do not recognize the guitar that describe the other testers: mine has mechanical buttons with metal rose decor simple, basic electronic sound that can be seen on Chinese guitars Stagg kind (where is the preamp shadow?). In short, if someone can give me information about it ... The bridge is nickel-free ankles. But be careful to put the "balls" strings in the right direction if it can blow up the bridge as did the previous owner! Absence of harmful belt clip at the base of the handle and the bottom plastic case is symbolic (that is evil!). The wood of the headstock looks very soft because the mechanical sink into when trying to tighten.


The handle is nice, close the edges of the frets could be better trimmed. it does not frieze with crossed easy. The cutaway allows access notched very easy to very high notes. As "baby jumbo" is amazing, the guitar is the size of a standard which makes transportation very nice, it looks like a child's guitar! However, the ergonomics are excellent, it is well in hand with good balance. It is not thick, which is a plus too. Mechanics are correct and no more.


No secret: a small box, a table made of plywood and a thick coating provide an unobtrusive, powerful but somewhat enjoyable. The bass is a tad weak people, treble best. Connected, it will sound better despite a relatively low range that quickly shows its limits with feedback as soon as one goes up the bass. Settings like "boost, treble, midrange, presence ..." are difficult to perform. The new system "studiolag" must be efficient otherwise! I must say that I play on a Peavey amp that is not made for acoustics: this may explain it ...


I've had three days and rather regret the sound of Aplaus cons which I traded despite his impossible round back. However for the price, the picture is more positive. the essentials are: a good handle, a violin sound, a nice face original acoustic sound quiet but correct ergonomics much more pleasant than Aplaus and a small size that is forgotten on a trip. For info, she returned in a case of classic basic. In short, we greatly for his money!

jimilu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg 4S100BCE
There is no mention as to the origin of the guitar? Considering the price here has any one Asian country, but we do not know which one! Too bad. The neck has 22 frets, well finished, with a medium action. Carved rosewood bridge with strings without mounting bolts, directly behind the bridge, it's an asset will appreciate. Shadow preamp LC4, well made, mounting the pile from above, it's all here.


The handle is fine, fun to play with satin finish. No problems for access to acute, there is a cutaway. Good intonation even in extreme boxes. As "jumbo" nice, is that personally I prefer. Finishing the perfect instrument, but it is not true of all the guitars in the store there were two, same model, the second was a big failure at the key to the first box, you must be vigilant on this point. As for his overall this is more than adequate, good balance, missing a little low (it just be due to the shape of baby jumbo, cash less bulky), electro-acoustic sounds good and the Equalizer allows you to add bass. I had the opportunity to plug into an amp "EAR" and many friends it's not bad at all.


This guitar will suit anyone who wants to have fun with an electro-acoustic without breaking the bank (euro bought 250.00) or for the beginner who wants a good compromise for money.


I own this guitar recently, so we'll see if it improves with age or not? But for now I'm very happy. I said that it is not my main guitar, I'm more electric guitar blues-rock style, but to play "unplugged" çà'l'fait. There are many other guitars in the same price range, all of which have ...... qualities and faults, so if you want a nice guitar, well finished, with a very decent, pleasant to play a very competitive price, courses in your local music store and make you happy, but I'm happy and I do not regret it.
Addendum to the opinion: While the skyscraper is not expensive to buy, but it does a pa sl road in time, or I came across the guitar on Monday morning! The handle to move, but the point of not being able to fix it. Contact supplier that supports the guitar, but referring to me again with the neck twisted. Callback, they are willing to share me, but he does not know the time it takes to get another guitar in the meantime the models have changed, galley. So I asked the store where I bought it, make me a back and bought another scratch more upscale and there I have no worries!

alexba's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg 4S100BCE
Certainly made in Asia.
neck, ribs, and back accajou. The bottom is solid and made of two symmetrical parts (same stick)
Spruce top, this is a piece of solid spruce probably average quality with a tackle on both sides which is very pretty, Sere and fiber into two symmetrical parts.
key palissandre.Le bridge and bridge pins is not it more practical and solid.
the finish is very neat. Satin soft-touch, which gives effect naturel.Bindings wood (maple and rosewood), pearl inlaid logo.
The body is shaped jumbo but small, making it compact enough guitar.
Rising home with Elixir Nanoweb strings, rare enough to be mentioned its commitment to quality shows of the brand.
By rose against the screen-printed and Silet are really cheap plastic, its contrast with the rest, shame ...


I find the handle very nice, thick ASEZ, and satin varnish gives a nice touch.
The guitar comes fully set, it is easy to play, spend all agreements barred <span class="skimwords-unlinked">seuls.Pas</span> rope that border even in the treble.
Access to acute is not great but that's normal in this style of guitar.


The sound is very correct.Plutot round, not too metallique.C is rather versatile sound will match many styles.Manque of personality but can be really beautiful, we take pleasure in jouer.Je think she has is a game by picking the daptée but doing well in rythmiques.Les lowest notes are a bit off but the sound is powerful enough.


It's a guitar in this range retain <span class="skimwords-unlinked">prix.Elle</span> is original in its finish (shape of the head and heel, changes its decorations ...), guitars that are all the same (in appearance).
The value for money seems to me entirely correct (€ 180), good guitar ComenC (like me ...)
I put some pictures in my profile for those that his interress.

Voelker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg 4S100BCE
Same characteristics as previously, nice guitar, finishing just grossire (traces of glue)


Round a little soft, but playable, the action is a bit high of origin, but are RULES.


Lack of bass because of petty cash, does not sound good trs, and accuracy is not perfect.


I bought it three days ago, I'm a little deu, the quality n 'as no one read in other reviews, however it's not bad to train and take a vacation. on the other hand I think dj's replaceable ...

supereb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lâg 4S100BCE
After testing several electroacoustic guitars Asian, Canadian and other (200 to € 900), my choice fell on this little marvel of sound and finishes .....


Peitite a box full of power, a nice short sleeve a guitar that goes!
To rival competitors.
The finishes are impeccable: not a defect.


A powerful acoustic sound, accurate and équilbré (nice bass). similar to Takamine and Seagull!
Side preamp, it sounds good (to AKG) is very clean with or without EQ.
For now I don 'have not found any major flaws.


For less than € 300 I gives the guitar a pleasure!
Recommended for those seeking a high quality acoustic guitar plugged into an amp.
As many "fishing" for such a small scratch in it surprised everyone!
I suggest that without reservation.