Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars
Acoustic-Electric Guitars Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars
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Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars user reviews

  • K.yairi DY62C

    K.yairi DY62C - "An excellent guitar" has images


    That’s an incredible guitar : great manufacturing quality, handmade wood work, playing comfort, touch and comfort of the neck, sound and harmonics, great vibes… The sound’s power is incredible (Zakk Wylde plays in acoustic on a DY-61, which is a DY-6…

  • Guild F-2512E

    Guild F-2512E - "Disappointing for a Guild" has images


    My musical style is a folk-country style--flatpicked alternating between strumming and arpeggiated chords. The guitar is well-made from a construction standpoint. No loose joins or bracing. No sloppy glue spots. It has a jumbo body with a solid…

  • Maton Mini Maton Diesel Special EMD/6

    Maton Mini Maton Diesel Special EMD/6 - "An excellent small guitar that can compete with the big boys" has images


    I was after a second guitar to bring with me everywhere, my primary instrument being a Martin HD-28. I first took interest in a parlor model (Takamine New Yorker), then a Faith Venus electric acoustic. I soon sold both of them back, as the parlor di…

  • Gibson J-15

    Gibson J-15 - "Gibson J15"


    The size and format are the same as a J45, but the features differ: The top is made of solid Sitka spruce Back and sides in solid walnut - the back is especially beautiful Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and walnut bridge Mini Grover tuners LR …

  • Yamaha LL16D ARE

    Yamaha LL16D ARE - "Waow..."


    Giving an objective opinion on it promises to be a tough work indeed, but I’m gonna try my best. First, I want to mention that I won it at a Yamaha contest and had never even heard of it before I got it. When the dealer gave it to me, he said “we…

  • Yamaha LS16 ARE

    Yamaha LS16 ARE - "An outstanding value and instrument for the money "


    I am a professional studio and performing musician who purchased this instrument to fill a temporary gap in my acoustic arsenal for a small-sized guitar while waiting for a commissioned, custom-made instrument to be delivered. Pros - Sound qual…

  • Gibson LG-2 American Eagle

    Gibson LG-2 American Eagle - "Small, yet huge"


    I’ve received it. Don’t believe the rumours, its finish is perfect and beautiful. A real lightweight, yet it provides a huge projection for such a small guitar! It was set too high, so I immediately endeavored to sand the guitar’s saddle (I’m used …

  • Elypse Guitars Electra

    Elypse Guitars Electra - "Crate Electra standard les Paul style guitar" has images


    These are junk. Don't get them mixed up with proper Electra guitars. The tuners, pickups, plastic nut and electronics are woeful. I had to spend a fortune to make it playable. Now it's passable but I replaced everything but the wood. these a…

  • Ovation Custom Legend 1769

    Ovation Custom Legend 1769 - "A clear, crisp, warm sounding guitar." contains audio examples


    A very nice sounding guitar. It has a crisp, clear, warm sound. Just used it at home. Never left the house. It comes with the original case. In some pictures the guitar appears without strings, but that was only for taking the pictures. The guit…

  • Taylor 210ce

    Taylor 210ce - "A Very Good Guitar"


    It really is a very good guitar, easy to play, thin neck, lightweight and great sound in both finger picking and with a pick. Nice sound projection with a very good low/mid/treble balance in 100% acoustic. Right-hand technique is very important to g…