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Acoustic-Electric Guitars user reviews

  • K.yairi DY62C

    K.yairi DY62C - "An excellent guitar" has images


    That’s an incredible guitar : great manufacturing quality, handmade wood work, playing comfort, touch and comfort of the neck, sound and harmonics, great vibes… The sound’s power is incredible (Zakk Wylde plays in acoustic on a DY-61, which is a DY-6…

  • Guild F-2512E

    Guild F-2512E - "Disappointing for a Guild" has images


    My musical style is a folk-country style--flatpicked alternating between strumming and arpeggiated chords. The guitar is well-made from a construction standpoint. No loose joins or bracing. No sloppy glue spots. It has a jumbo body with a solid…

  • Maton Mini Maton Diesel Special EMD/6

    Maton Mini Maton Diesel Special EMD/6 - "An excellent small guitar that can compete with the big boys" has images


    I was after a second guitar to bring with me everywhere, my primary instrument being a Martin HD-28. I first took interest in a parlor model (Takamine New Yorker), then a Faith Venus electric acoustic. I soon sold both of them back, as the parlor di…

  • Maton EM425/12

    Maton EM425/12 - "Great sound projection and articulation"


    First of all, I bought this guitar when MATON announced they wouldn’t make this model any longer (possibly after they decided to stop using Queensland walnut for their guitars). I possibly bought the last available new model in the whole Europe, so I…

  • Gibson J-15

    Gibson J-15 - "Gibson J15"


    The size and format are the same as a J45, but the features differ: The top is made of solid Sitka spruce Back and sides in solid walnut - the back is especially beautiful Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and walnut bridge Mini Grover tuners LR …

  • Yamaha LL16D ARE

    Yamaha LL16D ARE - "Waow..."


    Giving an objective opinion on it promises to be a tough work indeed, but I’m gonna try my best. First, I want to mention that I won it at a Yamaha contest and had never even heard of it before I got it. When the dealer gave it to me, he said “we…

  • Taylor 355ce

    Taylor 355ce - "Taylor 355ce 12 string"


    Have used this instrument for both strumming and finger picking over the past 10 years. It has a lovely warm clear sound but be careful how the onboard EQ is applied, i.e. too much bass = very 'muddy', and too much treble puts you in 'tinny' territo…

  • Cort Sunset NY

    Cort Sunset NY - "An amazing instrument"


    am a Jazz and Samba player, I do not use a pick. I needed a versatile guitar and Godin, the supreme, was my target. I run into a music store in Paris, and I saw that guitar in the window it looked great. I never played a Cort before. To me it was …

  • Yamaha LS16 ARE

    Yamaha LS16 ARE - "An outstanding value and instrument for the money "


    I am a professional studio and performing musician who purchased this instrument to fill a temporary gap in my acoustic arsenal for a small-sized guitar while waiting for a commissioned, custom-made instrument to be delivered. Pros - Sound qual…

  • Gibson LG-2 American Eagle

    Gibson LG-2 American Eagle - "Small, yet huge"


    I’ve received it. Don’t believe the rumours, its finish is perfect and beautiful. A real lightweight, yet it provides a huge projection for such a small guitar! It was set too high, so I immediately endeavored to sand the guitar’s saddle (I’m used …