Acoustic-electric 12 string guitars
Acoustic-Electric Guitars Acoustic-electric 12 string guitars
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Acoustic-electric 12 string guitars user reviews

  • Tanglewood TBS PU 1000

    Tanglewood TBS PU 1000 - vazcowatt's review


    <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Tanglewood TBS 500 blue sound</span> rsonnator electric guitar made in Korea South customisemcaniques schaller AD Seymour Duncan humbucker & Micro Piezo a volume knob, a button mlangeur (piezo & humb…

  • Tanglewood TBS PU 1000

    Tanglewood TBS PU 1000 - Phil_Guitar's review


    Electro-acoustic guitar to "Resonator" made in Korea. Chrome steel body of reduced thickness (5.3 cm thick) and engraved designs on the back of "Hawaiian". Cone "Mad Dog" with a biscuit straight, covered with a "plateau" protective golden. Cord…