Lakewood Acoustic-Electric Guitars Lakewood Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars
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Lakewood Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars user reviews

  • Lakewood M-32 CP

    Lakewood M-32 CP - "review m-32 lakewood cp "


    Ik ben nog steeds van mening, dat dit één van de beste gitaren is ter wereld is, maar waarom? Veel mensen zijn onbekend met het merk Lakewood, maar dit is naast Tyler en Martin een van de beste merken te wereld. ( dit komt vooral omdat Lakewood één v…

Translated user reviews
  • Lakewood M-32 CP

    Lakewood M-32 CP - " This guitar is a marvel."


    Lakewood is a German brand of guitars whose production remains close to that of a stringed instrument workshop, the team is small, the boss himself (Martin Seeliger) that responds to emails! The M-32 PC is an electroacoustic guitar steel strings wi…

  • Lakewood D-14 CP

    Lakewood D-14 CP - " Quality German ;)"


    Its name come from the USA, but it is a pure European you will find out with all the qualities of a great ... Fully equipped with massive and 2 microphones (rosette + bridge). UTILIZATION It is recognized, the grip, the next massive wood. Ple…

  • Lakewood M-32 CP

    Lakewood M-32 CP - Bozo56's review


    Lakewood guitars are made in Germany in the workshops of the luthier Martin Seeliger. The M 32 PC, with cutaway, 14 frets non-cash, has a solid European spruce top AAA, rosewood back and sides Indian solid handle, a piece of Honduras mahogany, ebony …

  • Lakewood D-32 CP

    Lakewood D-32 CP - yaouank's review


    -Hand made in Germany with European woodworking. Dreadnought cutaway-form for easy access to acute. -Wood: spruce top, back & sides ebony fingerboard, inlaid rosette. Golden-Mechanical -Electronics: Lakewood / Lakewood Sonic System Shadow: a …