Lakewood M-32 CP : Anonymous 's user review

«  This guitar is a marvel. »

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Lakewood is a German brand of guitars whose production remains close to that of a stringed instrument workshop, the team is small, the boss himself (Martin Seeliger) that responds to emails!
The M-32 PC is an electroacoustic guitar steel strings with cutaway. The body is an OM, 14 boxes off the handle, spruce top and rosewood body all as glossy varnish, ebony fingerboard. Are mechanical oil bath Schaller.
The sound of the capture system is a LR Baggs Anthem piezo sensor under the bridge and microphone close to the heel with the possibility to mix the two and reversing the polarity of the microphone.
The finish is exemplary. The guitar comes rigid molded case.


The handle is wide (46mm at the nut!). This will not suit everyone, but for my big fingers, it's fine. Once this is accepted, comfort is very good.
What is remarkable is the sound of great wealth, and the sustain extraordinary. There harmonics without end, yet the sound is pretty sweet. The guitar is perfectly fair and balanced. But the sustain is such that it will not suit the strumming. This guitar is a harpsichord.


I overwhelmingly used for the finger style, for which it is primarily intended (no pickguard).


It's been a week since I use. I played a lot of guitars in all price and given its area of ​​use, this guitar is to place in top rack. We are in the audible range of aesthetic Taylor from above, but with character more, and € less.
What I like the most, the sound! And comfort. What I like least, too banal headstock, and the fact that Lakewood is not distributed in France, it is hardly believable.
If I told you after a week I do not do this choice, would you believe me? I would do, of course. This guitar is a marvel.