Seagull Performer CW Cedar GT QI
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All user reviews for the Seagull Performer CW Cedar GT QI

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
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MicMicMan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull Performer CW Cedar GT QI
A Canadian folk Dreadnought with cutaway, 21 frets, solid cedar top with gloss varnish, bottom and sides with matt cherry, silver maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, thin head characteristic of the brand, standard handle (no way round end yamaha or Cort, without a log-style Gibson Les Paul).

Micro Acoustic (inside the guitar) and piezo in the bridge, preamp system with volume 2 quantum, equations (low, high) and mix between the 2 pickups. Requires a 9V battery. No button placed on the neck to the base.
Normally delivered in a hard case (rather nice shape)

Truss-road system in 2 directions.

All is well in the features, nothing to throw ...


The neck and fingerboard are perfect, very comfortable.
Finishing on top, lifts to the top.

The seat is good (it's a dreadnought).
The balance is good without being strapped awesome even affixed with a button on the base of the handle (it's a dreadnought).
The cutaway allows access entirely correct to treble.

Provided we know how to play the folk it will sound immediately familiar even if the handle (too) late or how yamaha Cort may have some difficulties ...

Once connected, it is not easy to have a pleasant sound in electro-acoustic, unless you just enjoy the character "electro-acoustic" of piezzos (it's not my case). Personally I set the mix to 100% on what I believe to be the acoustic microphone, and rendering much better than most acoustic-electric guitars can be heard.
The EQ is good and playing on the "phase" can be limited feedback "not too hard when it is strongly amplified.


Acoustic first ...

She is comfortable in all records that I play, whether fingerpicking, the mediator, with a bottleneck, regardless of tuning.
For a cutaway, it really safe and in terms of volume equal to the most traditional dreadnoughts.
It is surprisingly well balanced mids, bass and treble, no frequency may mask another, at this level it is a treat. I really tried a bunch of folks and apart from Gibson Custom solid mahogany or Martin I have not found that balance.
At the sound, it's a table bha cedar pure juice, so it's rather sweet and kind, not metal 2 as compared with spruce. It will therefore particularly for folk "delicate" way Nick Drake, Sophie Hunger, Kings of Convenience, etc ... but when you type in bold blues well it will obviously no match for a jumbo Sitka Spruce ... even if it will come out honorably with its many low rounds.
Attacks are sharp and are a credit to the cedar.
Sustain splendid despite the handle section.
Level clarity and precision, it is worth its price, not less, perhaps a little more ... that is to say we will not reach the level of detail of a guitar really upscale complex agreements that it does not resonate as well as on the very best of fifths or octaves. .. but it is really light years away from an entrance or even a mid-range (even at Takamine or Ovation) at 500 €.
The sound is not absolutely tight, the dynamic is excellent, we did not feel this "box" that can be sometimes expensive guitars yet. It feels perfectly vibrations through the body of the guitar and it was felt that the nuances of his game are rendered faithfully.

In short, acoustics, superb guitar, which is worth its price even without taking into account the electro-acoustic outfit.
In electro-acoustic ...

By adjusting the phase at the bottom of one side (mix of 100% on the mic sound I think), the sound is okay even if it sounds "electro-acoustic", not natural (to me). Piezo side, well it just sounds like a piezo, I do not like. The EQ is very effective and can overcome a few shortcomings, the high output level, phase adjustment effective to avoid feedback.
Well, I certainly do not have the right amp, but I was never really satisfied with his electro-acoustic, except when he was really required (it happens rarely).
Well, do not darken the picture too, the sound is still above most of the electro-acoustic guitars in this range I've tried the qualities of "unplugged" guitar, and it remains largely a mix workable .

Except for the records in a hurry, or for loop, I check routinely using condenser microphones (even relatively low-end) in front of the junction and round-table at the bridge, and it does simply irrelevant. Do not expect a beautiful rendered "folk realistic" by plugging the guitar directly. At least not at the height of the guitar.

In the end, 9 / 10 because it is the sound that counts and that for the price I judge simply perfect.
For electro-acoustic ... is usable in concert, and this is comp claim. The rest ...


It must be 2 years that I play.

For the choice is very simple, I had a budget of 400-500 € and I tried for 1 week, every night, all the guitars from a store "specializes" in acoustic Grenoble. In the end I am left with this guitar for 890 € by bleed my wallet .... that's how it hit me in the eye (and more than Takamine or Ovation same price). Since then I tried a regular basis, amount range, and in the end and I am always fully satisfied with my choice.
Surprisingly, I retried the same model from another store and she did not do exactly the same impression. We must believe that she lives and ages very well (or as I came across a good number?).

The feature I like most ... timbre, dynamics, playing comfort, balance sound ... the sound unplugged everything.
What I like least: the electro-acoustic record once connected (but I'm going to give me a reason I believe, an electro-acoustic sounding not terribly it does not exist except custom ...)
With experience, at this price, I would do most likely choice. Eventually I would look at the equivalent model without the paraphernalia electro-acoustic history win 200 €: even if it is an undeniable comfort is not a panacea.
I do not throw it but of course I try it before I decide, but there is no reason ...

9 / 10

marcoclosset's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull Performer CW Cedar GT QI
Table cedar gloss finish is to say brilliant. A pan shot. A Godin Quantum II prampli with a piezo and a microphone that captures sound lectrets the rosette. Rglage four buttons: Volume, bass, and microphone volume Aiges rosette. Made La Patrie, Canada.

Design simple, no frills binding, trs beautiful guitar. I like specially the head, fine, CHARACTERISTICS brand. You feel you are paying for wood.


I did not identify any concerns that level. I am not a seasoned guitarist trs but enjoyable. The action is the lowest of folk guitars I've tried. And without curling. The arpges difficult I found it hard to place are easy and sound.

The microphone problem but wonder rose delights me. See below.


Unplug is a marvel, and its wide prcis. Clear treble. Bass a little behind, at the same time, it's not a big guitar trs. I take a lot of fun scratching agreements with a mdiator flexible. Especially since I install the phosphor-bronze.

The microphone is really more rosette. The sound that comes out is round and warm, away from the Piezo is colder, more slamming. The shuffled the two is magic ... the headphone. Ds that branch on a system of amplification, we arrive quickly at the trs Larsen. Button rglage volume also serves as a phase inverter to reduce the feedback but I do not find it efficient trs. So for the headphone or taking direct nickel. on the other hand Live is not worth to imagine using this micro rosette. The piezo is more than enough for that. Everything is a little colder, but not more than any other folk.


Unbeatable. Super stuff prices tightened. Trs super prcis good sound. Canadians thank you.

Less known than Martin, Taylor, Ovation and Takamine, but in this price range quite far outperforms all other brands of guitars. I Rasht one if it disappeared.

The tui Tric provided is not a flight case. It's being protected as well but much more lightweight. A fixation of a closed against me by lach. Reaffixable, it holds up.

She has given much pleasure as I have.

poncastelo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull Performer CW Cedar GT QI
Canadian manufacturing.


The handle is rather enjoyable and Quick, the box is rather large and does not facilitate access to acute my taste in party against it fits perfectly to play and we're sitting right now the aise.le big snag is the rglage ropes, far too high! I bought it new on ebay (patmious) who had promised before sending a rglage (they had to forget!), so you prvoir a rglage because the action is really too high Almost 6mn Douzima the box ..


The sound is round and warm, there is no repeat what the level, I find that picking it comes into its own, the sound is deep, balanced.


I've had four months, I do not regret it but it's a shame to pay almost 800 euros a guitar (yes ..) and it is not for a guitar RULES "said handmade "I like the head and mcaniques changing some traditional forms, the head is so fine that if you hang on the wall on a stand, take in a violin, or it stuck in those for guitar .. the finish is plain without "frills" but a certain charm with its white and bending cedar table. tui the trick is ugly but very lger.avant protector and this one had a takamine ibanez pf and a slimline, no regret for the report .. I took quality redeem.

vincgratteux57's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull Performer CW Cedar GT QI
This guitar was manufactured in Canada does.
Consists of 21 frets.
The pre amp is a quantum II


Super enjoyable to play, eat it offers easy Access in acute, and the game is very easy.


Systm thanks its hybrid Quantum II (capeur bridge + micro), the sound does little to be satisfactory. Round, warm, beautiful, good! lol


Buy it if you hsitez you will not regret it because it is a good investment trs. The only small "problem" is the tui tric that is not good because imposing trs ... but it is lightweight trs! ratrape the other one lol !!!!!

yann70's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seagull Performer CW Cedar GT QI
Canadian manufacturing plants Godin.
Solid Cedar (Pressure Tested) with glossy finish
Back & Sides: Wild Cherry
Silver maple neck
Fingerboard & Bridge: Rosewood
Nut in Tusq ® nut and compensated bridge
Finish: Semi-Gloss Custom Polished Finish with Gloss Top
TRIC case included

Taking her: Godin EPM Quantum II
system EPM Quantum II acoustic guitar from Godin. The Quantum II is a hybrid system that combines a sensor nut and an electret microphone. The microphone capsule is installed after a 6-inch flexible shaft integrated with electronic components mounted on the splint.
Four rotary switches are used to adjust the presence / phase of the micro, the overall volume and bass & treble sensor nut. The signals of the microphone can be added and mixed in or out of phase to those of the sensor nut.
Taking his bluff live. You can play on the heat of his, and avoid the side of too much metal in direct folks


Super fun to play.


The sound is warm and round.
The table suggests a massive aging of the most beneficial.
I bought it yesterday and I'm super excited. In addition I find it very nice and finish is impeccable.
I wanted to buy a martin initially to the fantasy of the maker but I believe the opposite to my budget of 700 euros.
We are in the high-end home Seagull better than entry-level home martin & co.


For the price (I bought 690 euros in style acoustic guitar in the 9th in Paris) is really happy. I have no regrets.

With an already very good sound quality very accurate at all frequencies, as is the quality of its decision directly. With a little reverb, not even need to EQ or compressor, it sounds alone.