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Trace Acoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifiers user reviews

  • Trace Acoustic TA60CR

    Trace Acoustic TA60CR - "Trace Elliot TA 60 R"


    I am not sure where the amp was purchased as my Bass player got it for me, I think the price was around $599.00 I have played with this amp on stage now for about 6 years and the sound quality is (in my opinion) great, it cannot be compared with oth…

Translated user reviews
  • Trace Acoustic TA 100

    Trace Acoustic TA 100 - " The ultimate acoustic"


    see description manufacturer UTILIZATION Easy to learn, strong and clear buttons, green fluorescent light that you can choose to turn on or not .. the thing that makes everything about this amp in my opinion it is the compression on each channel,…

  • Trace Acoustic TA100R

    Trace Acoustic TA100R - " amps for acoustic musicians and singers"


    Amp transistor ddi artists to volumetric scenes in voice + instrument. True 100 watt MOS. The connection is super UNESCORecords: - Guitar channel: 1 for Electroacoustic between "normal", so for pizo + prampli battery and a microphone between the …

  • Trace Acoustic TA50

    Trace Acoustic TA50 - Desmodue's review


    Electroacoustic guitar amp with 2 HP 6 ', transistors "MOS", 50 W effective (real, whatever ...). Not bulky at all (40 x 30 x 20 prs little), but plutt heavy for its size, it's easy to see why the grip is too big .... Connectivity is abunda…