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Ibanez Acoustic Guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez EP10

    Ibanez EP10 - "So nice!"


    SPECS BodyShape: Thinline Original Body Neck: Mahogany Neck BackSides: Solid Mahogany Back and Sides Top: Solid Engelmann Spruce Top Rosette: Original Metal Plate Rosette Tuners: Gold Grover® Tuners with Brown Pearloid Knobs Pick...

  • Ibanez AW112

    Ibanez AW112 - "Bang For Your Buck"


    The IBanez Artwood Series12 string guitar is an overall great 12 string guitar. Seagull prides themselves on making high quality hand made guitars, and this one of my favorites that they make. It is not an acoustic-electric, so it does not have any p...

  • Ibanez PF60S

    Ibanez PF60S - "Basic Acoustic"


    Made in China 20 frets Hollow Body UTILIZATION This is a pretty basic acoustic guitar. It's easy enough to play. I have a hard time reaching past the 12th fret because there is no cutaway. I generally don't play that high on an acoustic anyway ...

  • Ibanez AW250

    Ibanez AW250 - "Ibanez AW250 Artwood"


    This is Ibanez's newest bare bones dreadnought acoustic. It reminds me and would not one bit surprise me if it was modeled after the classic D-15 by Martin. I tried this out at my local music shop and it quickly won my heart over as my new favorite...

  • Ibanez AW25

    Ibanez AW25 - gretschdude86's review


    This is a Japan-made, no electronics full acoustic 12-string dreadnought. Standard plastic bridge with string pins, 20 frets, fully bounded body, patterned pickguard, and a subtle soundhole rosette. Unsure of what type of wood the body was made of, b...

  • Ibanez Silver Cadet Z Series

    Ibanez Silver Cadet Z Series - "Ibanez Silver Cadet"


    Purchased new for $600, I believe. Maybe 5, it was 8 years ago. This guitar has a great feel to it. The fretboard is nice and quick. Mine came with a Floyd Rose bridge, which has great tremelo. The Pickups are excellent.. it has the h/s/h configurat...

  • Ibanez AW100

    Ibanez AW100 - "Ibanez AW100"


    I purchased this guitar while looking at much more expensive instuments at Bud's in Peterborough Ontario. It was about $400 CDN including case. I later added a Lace soundhole pickup. This guitar has a very clean sound. In short it rings like a bell....

  • Ibanez V300

    Ibanez V300 - "Ibanez V300"


    I bought this one from a pawn shop. It cost 200 euros. Action is just perfect. All the frets are easy to play and there is no fret buzz. The sound is very bright and clean. The guitar resonates very well. Hmmm... nothing. Mahogany back, spruce t...

  • Ibanez AW100

    Ibanez AW100 - "Ibanez AW-100"


    I had been shopping around every weekend for about 5 weeks in a row until I decided on this guitar. I was shopping for a guitar under $500 and it eventually came down to this guitar or a Martin 000X1. I chose this one because I liked the tone about...

  • Ibanez PF5

    Ibanez PF5 - "Ibanez PF-5"


    I paid $169 off music123.com.. my friend recommended it to me so i went out and bought it It plays quite well, the sound nice and clear. The marine sunburst color that i have stands out from others, and the color is really great. not anything signi...