Ibanez AW100
Ibanez AW100

AW100, Acoustic Guitar from Ibanez in the Artwood series.

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MGR/N Murray 12/05/2002

Ibanez AW100 : MGR/N Murray's user review

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I had been shopping around every weekend for about 5 weeks in a row until I decided on this guitar. I was shopping for a guitar under $500 and it eventually came down to this guitar or a Martin 000X1. I chose this one because I liked the tone about as much as the Martin, and I felt weird about buying the Martin since it's not real wood. I bought the AW100 at Guitar Center for $309.

Well, first off and most importantly it has a clear, full tone. Well balanced from lows to highs and can be loud and strong. It has a great booming dreadnaught sound when really strumming and stays clear when quietly fingerpicking. The guitar looks pretty good too with the abalone rosette and logo and the binding around the body and on the neck.

The finish is really thick and makes the guitar look a little "plasticy". You can barely see the grain on the soundboard through this finish and it adds to the plastic look. There are some things(like tiny rocks or chips or something) inside the guitar that I can't get out that are really bugging me. There really isn't anything I don't like about this guitar yet.

The AW100 is built pretty solidly and feels that way. The binding and inlays are well done and make the guitar look really more expensive than it is. The tuners are pretty solid and stay in tune. The bracing inside is pretty fuzzy and there are a few glue marks. The finish is probably too thick but the mahogany back and sides look really "lush" and reflect light pretty sweetly. A few frets have rough edges but the fingerboard is nice overall. The neck is mahogany, but feels real light and seems more like a veneered composite.

I am happy with this guitar and happy with my decision to buy it. It is my second acoustic and is noticably better than my Washburn D-10N.

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