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Yamaha Acoustic Pianos user reviews

  • Yamaha U3

    Yamaha U3 - toinebass's review


    I've had two years and that is the most j'apprcie his touch and sound. I bought in a store in the region has a large hangar with that Yamaha! The date he had a concert pianist who came to choose silent for her friend singer. It has almost all t…

  • Yamaha C5

    Yamaha C5 - Finale's review


    I personally did not have this piano in my house, but I m'entrane often this type of piano at the Conservatory of Paris. I know as my pocket ... This is an excellent piano sound with a relatively tight range and sensitivity trs respectable.Le touch…

  • Yamaha C3

    Yamaha C3 - misterkey's review


    How long have you use it? I possde a C3 a few months since. It's a piano that was used in almost new lease together for two months. Before this purchase (consquent!), I have tried many pianos starting from China and Japan to end the Germans (Be…

  • Yamaha C3

    Yamaha C3 - debourbon's review


    As piano teacher I am strict with my instrument and I must say that the c3 is not. It's a piano equilibrated with very low and relatively powerful singing of AIGS clear (if m METALLIC should consider harmonization). a very enjoyable Mylen medium ca…

  • Yamaha C6

    Yamaha C6 - Granados's review


    I bought this piano in 2001, right before I had a Pleyel. Submitted it the advantage of being both a piano works and piano scne, we can work on sound in terms of examination or in concert. Now how about a Kawai or other in the same price range? I…

  • Yamaha C3

    Yamaha C3 - Huhuhu!!!'s review


    I use a C3 for about 6 months. I was lucky to find an ag a little less than 2 years and then stabilized and a MODEL rcent. I really like the Yamaha mcanique. The touch is enjoyable and closes without any hardness. Ct sound, depth and roundness of t…

  • Yamaha U1

    Yamaha U1 - Phil62's review


    My 25 years U1 Trs beautiful piece, very strong. Beautiful sounds, good supply of puisance. Maybe a touch a little hard (especially cold or tired) Good quality price With the experience and the place will go to a good grand piano Yamaha i…

  • Yamaha C3 Studio

    Yamaha C3 Studio - moi, Digital Thinker's review


    In my opinion, it must be honnte: C3 studios are valid in any case the C3 "normal". They are much cheaper, but is rpercute normment on the quality of the wood: they are pianos that in twenty years will produce a sound mdiocre. Simply because the w…

  • Yamaha C3 Studio

    Yamaha C3 Studio - Appoggiator's review


    I tonn there ale no opinion on the yam when I open. I am classically trained pianist I do a lot of jazz I love Bill Evans and Clare Fischer. The C3 is a good tool to report trs quality unbeatable price, the best compliment I could do: the day I go…

  • Yamaha U1 SH

    Yamaha U1 SH - CyberMark's review


    The pedals can dbrayer central support of hammers on the strings. In this configuration, the sound, always pilot by pressing the keys, GNR is the "sampler" containing native sounds of the Yamaha Grand Piano. The movement keys are analyzed by laser. T…