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Pianos & Organs user reviews

  • Roland EP-85

    Roland EP-85 - "Indestructible"


    88-key piano with lots of jack connections (2 headphone outputs, right output, left output, right input, left input, sustain pedal, damper pedal), and three MIDI (in, out, thru). 8 classic sounds (97), piano, ep, organ... pretty decent... ...for i…

  • Yamaha P-35

    Yamaha P-35 - "weighted keys"


    The Yamaha P35 is a digital piano keyboard with a speaker system right on it. It comes with the full 88 keys and all of the keys are touch sensitive with a great feel to them. Out of all of the keyboards/digital pianos that I have used in this price …

  • Yamaha P-60

    Yamaha P-60 - "An all-purpose piano for home and elsewhere"


    88 notes midi in out 2 pianos 2 rhodes or dx7 1 violin pad 2 organs you can combine two sounds and when you fiddle with the settings, you can really achieve something! UTILIZATION perfect feel for the price Comprehensive user's manual Even…

  • Technics SX-PR 600

    Technics SX-PR 600 - "Still excellent"


    7-octave piano, 14 instrument ensembles (piano; organ; strings etc...), each with around a dozen variations. It also features a drum machine, which is still pretty decent, given its age. It has MIDI connections, 2 headphone outs, 2 INPUTS and 2 O…

  • Yamaha P-60

    Yamaha P-60 - "Real Piano Feel"


    The Yamaha P-60 is a keyboard with 88 keys. On the range of keyboards, it definitely attempts to be as piano-like as possible. It doesn't have a bunch of knobs and dials. If you want a piano without having to own a real piano, this keyboard is the …

  • Roland FP-8

    Roland FP-8 - " Reserved"


    Standard connections that you can find on every other product UTILIZATION Someone gave it to me because it had broken down and was in a miserable state. It was repainted, so the silkscreen was unreadable, plus some buttons were missing. So the firs…

  • Yamaha P-105

    Yamaha P-105 - "great digital piano bad speakers"


    The Yamaha P 105 is a 88 key stage piano with a graded hammer, it only has 14 sounds but if you use it for live performance or on stage you will love the quality of piano sounds it will give you. This is the perfect performance keyboard. I recommend …

  • Clavia Nord C2D

    Clavia Nord C2D - "Organs!"


    The C2D by Nord has dual 61 key organs. It has real drawbars on it, I have recently let go of the Electro 2 for the C2D because of the dual keyboards and real drawbars on it. I was waiting for the release of the C2D for a long time and finally got my…

  • Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP

    Clavia Nord Electro 3 HP - "Better interface"


    I have been using the Electro 3 HP since June of this year, it has no sequencer or speakers on it but it has some really good effects. The polyphony is 40 to 60 voices and the keys are weighted and have a nice feel to them. The Electro 3 HP was prett…

  • Clavia Nord Electro 3 73

    Clavia Nord Electro 3 73 - "better sounds than the Electro 2"


    The Nord Electro 3-73 has 73 keys, all of the sounds are pretty much piano sounds and organ sounds. It has on board effects but it cost 2200 bucks. That is on the higher end of most home musicians’ budget. I have used many of the synths that Nord mak…