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  • Yamaha P-120

    Yamaha P-120 - "Fixed it, free stuff off craigslist"


    Application I just wanted a digital keyboard that felt like an actual piano, that wouldn't take up to much space in the living room. Context I use it to pound, improvise, write, learn songs by ear Other products I have tried many digital pianos...

  • Clavia Nord Electro 5D 61

    Clavia Nord Electro 5D 61 - "Close to perfection!"


    -As usual, it’s perfectly built : great job ! :bravo: -The keys’ touch seems to me slightly better than the 4D version, as I play more easily some piano pieces which were problematic. -The knobs are smoother than the 4D version, and they don’t ...

  • Lowrey Genie (Model 1CG-1A)

    Lowrey Genie (Model 1CG-1A) - "An enjoyable instrument with practical uses"


    This is a fun keyboard to play, and it can be used for recording. The sounds can be combined to make some interesting tones, and the effects; AUTOWOW, REVERB, PERCUSSION, VIBRATO, REPEAT, and ECHO; can expand the fullness of the music. The sounds on ...

  • Farfisa Louvre

    Farfisa Louvre - "Music Circus! A large and good analog combo" has images


    A real mammoth that I found out of order at a pawnshop and managed to refurbish: partytime! It’s an organ/ string machine/ piano/ harpsichord/ synth/ drum machine all-analog combo with a vertical acoustic Leslie-style processor and a spring reverb! E...

  • Yamaha CVP-709

    Yamaha CVP-709 - "A superb digital piano equipped with a great arranger mode"


    The instrument looks great, even if I preferred the appearance of the 407. I use it at home, for my own personal pleasure. Piano sounds are very realistic, and the keys feel close to those of an acoustic piano. The woodwind and guitar sounds are v...

  • Roland RD-2000

    Roland RD-2000 - "I checked out the Roland RD-2000 in a music store today."


    I went to a music store today and played on the Roland RD-2000 keyboard. It has 1113 intrumantal sounds just as much as the Roland RD-800 keyboard has. I looked up on www.manualslib.com/ then Roland RD-2000 and how operate it. It allows up to four in...

  • Roland RD-700NX

    Roland RD-700NX - "Roland RD700NX built like a tank"


    I use this as my main gigging piano and have done for the last seven years. I have had to go into the editing as deep as I can to get the acoustic piano sound that satisfied me, but I feel I have now achieved this. It can be hard to get a good live s...

  • Roland V-Combo VR-09

    Roland V-Combo VR-09 - "playing live"


    I link my Vr 09 up with a studiologic 73 note acuna weighted keyboard (Controller) playing the second of the split sounds ,mostly piano and this leaves the Vr09 used for bass or organ. The more I use it playing live the more I appreciate just how ...

  • Kawai MP7

    Kawai MP7 - "Kawai mp7 underrated"


    If you look on the web you will find many reviews with technical info so i wont be adding to those. I will say that as a pro piano player owning a few top end stage pianos that the MP7 is underrated in my view, prehaps it is due to the extreemly rea...

  • Neo Instruments Ventilator

    Neo Instruments Ventilator - "Nails the Leslie 122 - on guitar but...on full B3 organ?"


    Having used the old Ventilator for quite some time now, I got fed up with it in the end. Some reasons, it shares this with ALL Leslie speaker simulator pedals, so this is not really a stab at Neo instruments as such. Here's my caveats with it, which ...