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Acoustic Pianos user reviews

  • Kawai KG2E

    Kawai KG2E - "Very stable, well made" has images


    My Kawai KG3E was made in 1990. I traded in my Kawai KG1E for this piano along with a cash differential to move from a 5' 4" instrument to a 6' 1" instrument. First, I live in a large city and visited many new and used piano dealers in the area and s…

  • Young Chang U121

    Young Chang U121 - "A really great Sound !" has images


    In what musical style and context (training, recording, live, etc.)do you currently use this piano? - I think its sound mostly suits recording pop, middle-of-the-road music and so on. As for live, I'd say it should suit as the hammer mechanism ta…

  • Yamaha U3

    Yamaha U3 - "great dynamics"


    This is an amazing piano, made by one of the most respected and trustworthy piano manufacturers in the world. The process that it takes for one to be made is a legend in and of itself. The same family has made these pianos in Austria for about 180 ye…

  • Bösendorfer 290 Imperial

    Bösendorfer 290 Imperial - "nice feeling keys"


    The Bosendorfer 290 Imperial is a phenomenal instrument. Bosendorfer are arguably the most well-known piano manufacturer in the world, and it's not hard to see why. The version that I've played most is a 290 model that has been refurbished considera…

  • Kawai KG-3C

    Kawai KG-3C - ericthegreat's review


    The Kawai KG-3c is a great grand piano, I used it while in college it has a beautiful sound and is built very well. Ours was a reconditioned piano. Before we had it , it was a conservatory used intensively and it was restored for the purpose of res…

  • Mason & Hamlin Model B Baby Grand

    Mason & Hamlin Model B Baby Grand - moosers's review


    The Mason & Hamlin Model B Baby Grand is a beautiful acoustic piano that I've got experience with in a few different settings. One of my best friends has this piano at their house, where we've used it for recording as well as just for messing around…

  • Klein N°5 Grand Modèle

    Klein N°5 Grand Modèle - "So good !"


    J'ai acheté ce piano en septembre dernier pour la somme de 350 € Puis j'ai fignolé l'accordage moi même, je n'ai pas l'oreille parfaite, mais c'est une chose qui se fait assez facilement ! Et bien résultat, passant d'un piano numérique relié a reas…

  • Belmore Upright Grand

    Belmore Upright Grand - moosers's review


    Belmore’s Upright Grand piano is an awesome upright acoustic piano which I’ve got experience using in the recording studio. The studio that I work at has one of these to compliment our Yamaha grand acoustic piano, giving use two acoustic pianos with…

  • Yamaha C5

    Yamaha C5 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha C5 is a grand piano that sounds and plays great under all circumstances. We have one of these in the studio where I work, and it definitely sees quite a bit of use. I've used a number of Yamaha pianos for recording, and while I can't say…

  • Yamaha G2

    Yamaha G2 - moosers's reviewhas images


    The Yamaha G2 is an acoustic grand piano with a big sound and great overall feel. My experience with the G2 is in the recording studio only. I was the engineer on the session and not the player, although I did get to try playing the piano for a bit…