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  • Yamaha U1

    Yamaha U1 - " What it takes to play for fun"


    How long have you been using? 3 months after owning a Yamaha M108 small piano for beginners. Did you try many other models before buying it? Sure, but let's be reasonable, there is the steinway berchtein or other, but it is another world, espe…

  • Yamaha C7

    Yamaha C7 - " Yamaha c7 is a magnificent instrument."


    Yamaha c7 1970 that I bought in September to a sound engineer I was pleasantly surprised the first time I tried it. Indeed, in my relentless pursuit of a grand piano high quality less than 10,000 euros, I tried everything from old steinway "restore" …

  • Sauter 120 R2

    Sauter 120 R2 - " Or how to achieve (almost) the best!"


    I tried to jump in my 122 tuner after trying one kilogram 6 from kawai. Well the 6 kg is simple: it is the beginning of the effect, but it has no body. Everything in the "look sound." When the jump ......... this is a fascinating instruments for a…

  • August Förster 1/2 190

    August Förster 1/2 190 - " Try it!"


    Hello, I recommend it to a very good pianist at the grand piano, which consists of materials present on the Model 275 Super Global venues. Sources:à-queue Table harmonies and bars spruce carefully select…

  • August Förster 125G

    August Förster 125G - " A good level students to try."


    Reviewed by a qualified and experienced tuner! As I already said, it is, unfortunately, too rare to find pianos August Förster New Belgium, but sometimes it happens to our delight! The model is 125 G, depending on the site of the August Förster p…

  • August Förster 116D

    August Förster 116D - " A Student Advisor"


    The piano tuner advise you if you have an intermediate level piano. 116 D black model is less elegant than the E / C (elegance / Chippendale), but it has the same technical characteristics as the superior. The sound quality should be ample and ge…

  • August Förster 116 SuperE

    August Förster 116 SuperE - " Recommended for lovers of refinement."


    Hello, this is again in my capacity as a piano tuner and piano that I give you my opinion. In Belgium, it is all too rare that we have to work on August Förster pianos because they are rarely distributed in stores in our country. However, wheneve…

  • Steinway & Sons K132

    Steinway & Sons K132 - " 30 '"


    upright piano made in 1911 in the U.S., its superb (Steinway); its sounds recall invariably cultural period of 30 years in the prohibition; (See all movies relating thereto) I recorded Yamaha (very accurate), a Bechstein (perfect), and Steinw…

  • Farfisa Furstein

    Farfisa Furstein - " My companion"


    Having started piano at 5 years, I have this piano for 26 years. Gift from my paternal grandmother (now deceased), this is the only piano on which I like to play and that I made. One day maybe I would have the means to buy a piano, but I will al…

  • CHERNY Piano Droit

    CHERNY Piano Droit - " piano study proper value for money"


    I use this piano since 1974 purchase date nine F 7600 it corresponds to the maximum budget that can be allocated to the purchase at that time, the choice is limited, it was this model Obviously it's not worth a Yamaha U1, but we are not in the s…