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  • Kawai KG-3C

    Kawai KG-3C - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by U-many-t/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I've been using this baby grand piano for 11 years! The sound is excellent (not as metallic as a Yamaha). I haven't played other baby grands long enough to give you an objec…

  • Wendl & Lung Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m

    Wendl & Lung Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by mr fuzz/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Simply wonderful. At home since July and it's a delight. Powerful and deep lows, pearled highs, singing high-mids. Excellent finish and unbeatable value for money. I tried out…

Translated user reviews
  • Samick JS 043D

    Samick JS 043D - " GOOD PIANO STUDY"


    Hello all, I wanted to share my opinion on the study of piano, new, bought in a piano store Nantes.pour the first year, I bought a cheap electric piano, but my daughter complained about the quality of produit.donc I wanted to acquire a piano etude,…

  • Yamaha A1S Silent

    Yamaha A1S Silent - " A very good piano"


    Living in a studio in Paris, I wanted a baby grand piano with a good muffler system to play without disturbing and make computer music. I have tried many pianos in a shop in Paris, near the Père Lachaise, and A1 has my full attention: among the lea…

  • Thomann Adagio 121 ALD/S

    Thomann Adagio 121 ALD/S - " Price / quality ratio to MAX!"


    Yet I have made efforts ... I mean I looked in my area vendor piano propose me a good instrument at a good price and of course comes as the size and 200kg on average a piano do not stay in the trunk my Clio. My max budget .. 2500 euros. I was off…

  • Yamaha C5

    Yamaha C5 - " yamaha C5 reviews"


    I have a C5 for 10 years (bought new) and I use it in Jazz (1 -2 hours / day when I'm home). At first I really loved this piano (dynamic, precision, brightness, low midrange treble balance ...). In addition he holds very good agreement. However i…

  • Young Chang U109

    Young Chang U109 - " Hides his game .."


    Piano acquired in 1988, new. Piano tiny, ultra-compact, it fits everywhere. Given the size of the frame there is a danger that a tiny and medium takes the lead. It is clear that the Korean sound engineers expressed their talent there. Not conte…

  • Yamaha C3

    Yamaha C3 - " A good piano study"


    Grand piano (long). I needed a "real" piano for my music exams (before I had an old upright Rösler pretty terrible) I went with a friend advised by a dealer (Piano Schaeffer Nancy if you want to know) telling them that I was looking for a piano st…

  • Wendl & Lung 178

    Wendl & Lung 178 - " to avoid"


    I tested it in the store (instrumentarium laps to all). My wife has tested the difference as an auditor on the same work and the piano and at yamaha c3, then a steinway the same size and finally a German of the same size. Result: Wendl far behind, pl…

  • Fazioli F-228

    Fazioli F-228 - " I dream for ...."


    I had the opportunity to record on film music there 10 years. at the time I did not know the brand, and I wanted to save Steinway because I knew the touch and sound, disappointed I went there to play on this Fazioli and believe me I was very impres…