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  • Yamaha Eterna

    Yamaha Eterna - " Very good piano"


    Piano that I learned everything, 11 years of almost daily use, and it holds up. Design, upright piano, takes up little space, I recommend it! Tuning every two years for me At this price the quality is recess! …

  • Feurich 178 Professional 2

    Feurich 178 Professional 2 - " A beautiful piano ..."


    This is a piano this year and discovered that I had the opportunity to try and compare the store directly. The price range of the piano corresponds to models or SAMICK G.STECK, its size it closer to the YAMAHA C2. It has an impressive sound and…

  • Feurich 178 Professional 2

    Feurich 178 Professional 2 - " Limit false advertising ..."


    Having tried the previous model Wendl & Lung, manufactured, also in Ningbo China, Hailun by the company, I wanted to know what the evolution of Chinese piano. The former was very much "blustering" over German pianos and even Yamaha or Kawai, this …

  • Feurich 178 Professional 2

    Feurich 178 Professional 2 - " Limit mensongre pub"


    Having tried the model Wendl & Lung prcdent, also manufactured Ningbo in China by the company Hailun, I wanted to know what was the evolution of the Chinese piano. utant former was very "blustering" over German pianos and even with Yamaha or Kawasa…

  • Yamaha C1

    Yamaha C1 - " Pure happiness"


    Hello I just bought this new piano Magifique (my first 1 / 4 tail) I am totally in love. I find it round and balanced. But wait a month before a small tuning time to take his place. It is the range conservatory. A must Yamaha (homi the full …

  • Wendl & Lung Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m

    Wendl & Lung Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m - " Much ado about nothing!"


    Note that I do not have this instrument, but I applied myself to try it many times. Initially, the Chinese brand advertising that attracted me. Were we able to offer us for the price of a good upright piano, a fourth level of the tail of a Stein…

  • Yamaha YUS 5

    Yamaha YUS 5 - " I love it"


    I did not like the sound yamaha, often in low metal medium, I tried the U1, but the Yus5 has nothing in common with except the touch (which are both excellent) the stamp is This warm and rich closer to the Steinway (Submitted in the store) especially…

  • Bösendorfer 200

    Bösendorfer 200 - " concrtisation of the rve"


    I have tried many pianos before I DCID. I have even been the home of a MODEL B Steinway, but I made no regrets (a history of prep?). I was in the ear, since the 1980s, the Bosendorfer, and when I found it silent still as magical. I have 6 months and …

  • Yamaha MP80 Silent

    Yamaha MP80 Silent - " There are much better!"


    I bought this piano because I trsdue, currently with Pleyel with Silent Systm, the quality of sound is incomparably worse. The draw too sharp, touch ... Yamaha on groin or not ... And finally the Silent Systm that DGRAD trs quickly with use despite g…

  • Sauter Carus 112

    Sauter Carus 112 - " Small but tough"


    Jump This is a true marvel. Purchased four years ago, I never cease to enjoy playing it. Despite its small size, it has a more than respectable: the low round and deep, clear and powerful mediums, treble sparkled like stars. In three words: small but…