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the bubble 02/02/2008

Yamaha U1 : the bubble's user review


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Well, I'm piano teacher, and I had the chance to try a lot of instruments. The u1 piano is my house, there is only me who uses it (no lves). I have rarely found pianos that sound this Manir! I confess that today I would like a piano acqurir tail because technically it is not enough for me ... but prcis good budget does not follow (wah). It has good bass , a rich and mdium AIGS clear. It is also versatile: it can play Messiaen Bnabar! A little something for fans: Open up (it's in the box a little foot rest for the roof) to better hear the rsonnances and timbre of your instrument, and open, it has a sound similar ... . open half of a toad. I jou toads on other brands and I prfre by far my u1 (can be good except that the only mcanisme is always a piano prfre tail)! Prcise same when I here that has not even when the power of a piano line. Well, on this version, no pedals tone, if I could afford, I would pay the 118 c3 or knew or u3 professionnal. The report price is trs good quality. With exprience, I would do without this choice hsiter. However, attention to buyers of used pianos, always able to try the instrument before! Some Yamaha foils with age, making them dsagrables. This dpend of Manir they face before t! Another tip and dernire: better an upright piano that sounds good piano line that sounds a mean (and cele almost rhymes!. If you want to give you an ide of the sound of my u1, please visit this page: