Wendl & Lung 122 Universal
Wendl & Lung 122 Universal

122 Universal, Acoustic Piano from Wendl & Lung.

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HiTechBiniou 12/18/2006

Wendl & Lung 122 Universal : HiTechBiniou's user review

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Coenegrachts a crit:
<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>We too have played the piano seems Submitted caratristiques good. But too many marketing (pseudo Austrian origin) leaves a bitter got. It is after all only a piano Chinese, trs modest bill. Thousands of Chinese pianos with the names "Germano" style arrive in France. The European fabrications are still the best investment.</span>

Coenegrachts, you quickly switch to your conclusions. Wendl and Lung is indeed a typical factory founded in Vienna in 1910 and with Peter is his Veletzky quatrime generations. It also manufactures pianos Hailun Ningbo has hired Mr. Peter Veletzky to assist in the design of pianos. Wendl and Lung pianos are the only pianos (Chinese) who can claim to be typical Europenne bill. I agree with other brand names purchased by the Chinese as the example of Canada Heintzman but what about the Steinway made in China?

Any fawn, it is not the source that matters but the music and the performance of the instrument itself and I see that you Coenegrachts your plutt influenced by a prjug which will in any fawn Exceeds increasingly in coming years.

When you test Wendl and Lung, could you compare it with a prestigious piano EUROPEN? This is good to have a fawn REFERENCE of departure. You will see and the Wendl and Lung pianos compares favorably with four times its price.

Mario Bruneau du Qubec