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Organs user reviews

  • Lowrey Genie (Model 1CG-1A)

    Lowrey Genie (Model 1CG-1A) - "An enjoyable instrument with practical uses"


    This is a fun keyboard to play, and it can be used for recording. The sounds can be combined to make some interesting tones, and the effects; AUTOWOW, REVERB, PERCUSSION, VIBRATO, REPEAT, and ECHO; can expand the fullness of the music. The sounds on …

  • Farfisa Louvre

    Farfisa Louvre - "Music Circus! A large and good analog combo" has images


    A real mammoth that I found out of order at a pawnshop and managed to refurbish: partytime! It’s an organ/ string machine/ piano/ harpsichord/ synth/ drum machine all-analog combo with a vertical acoustic Leslie-style processor and a spring reverb! E…

  • Roland V-Combo VR-09

    Roland V-Combo VR-09 - "playing live"


    I link my Vr 09 up with a studiologic 73 note acuna weighted keyboard (Controller) playing the second of the split sounds ,mostly piano and this leaves the Vr09 used for bass or organ. The more I use it playing live the more I appreciate just how …

  • Crumar T3

    Crumar T3 - "The future of vintage sound is in your hands." has images


    A rare piece of gear, not an easy one to find. If you chance to see one for sale, don't miss the opportunity to try it - and to try it is to love it instantly. It's a 3-in-1 in the same series as Trilogy, but more of an organ. 2 keaboards of 4 oc…

  • Viscount Intercontinental VS20

    Viscount Intercontinental VS20 - "Very good" has images


    I bought it used at a garage sale in October 2014, I use it at home during my spare time. With it, I aimed at finding again the joyful moments I had when, as a kid, I used to play with that belonging to our neighbour, which was quite similar to this…

  • Technics sx-EX 10L

    Technics sx-EX 10L - "I use to own the Technics EX-10 Organ"


    I had the Technics EX-10 Organ since 1998. It was given to me by a piano tuner, he gave me a Yamaha FM Sound Generater FB01 that came with it as he gave me the organ. I still have it, it`s on top of my Technics PR-305 Digital Piano. The Technics EX-1…

  • Tokai TX-5 Classic

    Tokai TX-5 Classic - "A "B3" with some Brazilian flavour"


    In 2013 I was in need of a new Hammond B3-like instrument - in other words, a clonewheel. There were lots of great options, but my budget wasn't high enough to pay their prices. Then I saw this Tokai TX-5 Classic on a store nearby, which was much che…

  • Yamaha Electone FX1

    Yamaha Electone FX1 - "Mega Electone"


    DX7 type synth keys with velocity and aftertouch. Uncountable permutations of sounds. Ability to layer three manuals. Two octave bass pedals. Fm synthesis Rom sounds with little tweaking possibility. Programmable LFO, two octace bass pedals, drawbar …

  • Viscount DB 5

    Viscount DB 5 - "A lot of organ for the price!"


    The Viscount DB5 is a fully fledged drawbar organ of the type commonly referred to as a "Hammond Clone". It has two excellent quality 61-note manuals, of the "waterfall" type. Each manual has a full set of nine drawbars. There are also two draw…

  • Clavia Nord C2D

    Clavia Nord C2D - "Organs!"


    The C2D by Nord has dual 61 key organs. It has real drawbars on it, I have recently let go of the Electro 2 for the C2D because of the dual keyboards and real drawbars on it. I was waiting for the release of the C2D for a long time and finally got my…