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Organs user reviews

  • Leslie 770

    Leslie 770 - patrice_'s review


    Leslie cab with the following features: - Transistor amp with separate amplification Bass / Treble (90w) - Same size / Mechanical / a 122 HP - 9-pin connectors (not 11 as seen in another review) - 3 rotations (slow / fast / brake) UTILIZATI…

  • Crumar T2

    Crumar T2 - gwenmollo's review


    Hammond organ simulation, I would end 70-80. very similar to the famous Korg CX-3 but less good on her. UTILIZATION 3 presets is little but add a little 4th customizable. SOUNDS The sounds they are suitable to your style of music? yes, m…

  • Motion Sound KBR-3D

    Motion Sound KBR-3D - " It can do everything"


    Versatile stereo amplifier, keyboards / Leslie clone, all in one. Amplification: 100/100 watts RMS full range 45 watts RMS> 800 Hz rotary, tube preamp 12AX7EH Answer: Full Range 50-15 kHz ± 5 dB Trompe 600 Hz-8 kHz HP: 2 x 10 "Eminence Bet…

  • Hammond SK1

    Hammond SK1 - " More than a Hammond, a jewel!"


    I'm not going back on what others said before me. It's true! ! ! I also have an A 102 of 1965 (my 4th Hamm ') is a B3 plus two integrated amps, reverb and a string bass. All connected to two Leslies 147 and 145. Suffice to say that I will be demand…

  • Hammond SK1

    Hammond SK1 - " all I wanted"


    Splitables 5 octaves, his ability to multi organ + piano for example. Read the documentation on the site hammond europe for more info. The organ sounds are top UTILIZATION config simple, manual in French at hammond europe, I personally have…

  • Farfisa VIP 255

    Farfisa VIP 255 - " Mythical, heavy and strong"


    Here is the features in English, rock musicians have no problem reading English: 70s FARFISA VIP 255 Dual Keyboard Organ: Unlike Virtually Every Other VIP That model utilizes drawbars, the VIP 255 D uses tabs to Initiate icts Broad range of sounds…

  • Farfisa VIP 255

    Farfisa VIP 255 - " Heavy, very heavy, but it was the era ca"


    70s FARFISA VIP 255 Dual Keyboard Organ Serial # A 6088/380. Unlike Virtually Every Other VIP model That Utilizes drawbars, the VIP 255 D uses tabs to Initiate icts broad range of sounds. The sounds are comparable to a Professional. Features in…

  • Crumar Organizer 2

    Crumar Organizer 2 - " Really"


    2 keyboards (without pedals for me) with a volume pedal and sustain. Sounds of piano / organ / clavinet + BAR the Nerve center ... No sounds of piano and harpsichord for me (HS). Each keyboard has 4 presets + drawvbar position for zippers. s…

  • Farfisa Partner 14

    Farfisa Partner 14 - " cool"


    I was lucky to get a retyped to nine, all those I had seen previously were often in fair condition (which crachottent knobs, buttons etc. HS). UTILIZATION Getting started very simple SOUNDS This organ is a great effect, but it is sure that gi…

  • JEN Brio 61

    JEN Brio 61 - " Very endearing"


    Combo organ of the 60's, no pedal, analog integrated a bar and a self supporting as possible, and a built-in speaker. Unusually, it has a sustain (actually release a good example to imitate the string together ... UTILIZATION It's very simple and…