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  • Galanti Clipper 49 touche

    Galanti Clipper 49 touche - " Excellent little clone vox jaguar"


    Organ analog sixties released factories gem of the time, we find the same vein as the vox jaguar for a price far from the original! UTILIZATION psyche / rock oldies SOUNDS Trippy! OVERALL OPINION Excellent touch, practical and ergonomic, …

  • Hammond SK1

    Hammond SK1 - spookyman's review


    The Hammond SK1 is a "Stage Keyboard" keyboard with a waterfall type 61 keys. Touch is very nice, I even found above the keyboard equipping the Nord Electro. The rest of the instrument is made of sheet with sides made of plastic that does not inspire…

  • Hammond XB-2

    Hammond XB-2 - " Bad memories"


    Monoclavier 5 octaves, digital emulation of Hammond tonewheel. 32-note polyphony as their XK2 out ten years later (2001). Good presentation, but veneers falling off, it is not solid wood. UTILIZATION Configuration of his time, 90 years, ie some f…

  • Hammond X5

    Hammond X5 - " Usurpation"


    Zippers for HAMMOND USE Simplissime SOUNDS Sounds bad NOTICE GLOBAL This keyboard is not worthy to be called HAMMOND. It is a usurpation who knows the true HAMMOND to TONE WHEELS, PERCUS and Vibrato SCANNER ... …

  • Crumar Mojo

    Crumar Mojo - " Super!"


    It is a clone of Hammond B3 as the Nord C2D or Hammond SK2. Except that I think it is above its side and look. UTILIZATION Simple, effective. SOUNDS Very good leslie simulation, the sound is terrible (keyclick, vibrato, serious ...) OVERA…

  • Welson Halifax

    Welson Halifax - " The continental vox bis"


    The sound of the vox continental, even generators, same keyboard as the English model plastic drawbars, repeat mode and percussion as the great continental, and in addition there is booooo! UTILIZATION simple SOUNDS Doors, iron butterfly, …

  • Korg CX3 (Original)

    Korg CX3 (Original) - " Nice Hamonosaure"


    It's old and the connection is very limited. Jacks Hi / Lo + send / return + a jack for pedals. The power cable can not be detached. Leslie simulation incorporated, 9 drawbars, 3 presets + 1 preset "pulls" Leslie buttons on / off + hi / lo 2-…

  • Crumar Organizer

    Crumar Organizer - " good clone B3 Hammond"


    This is the portable version of the series CRUMAR ORGANIZER, a "clone Hammond" with 9 registers (zippers) standards, UTILIZATION 3 presets (888000000, 600000006 & 888888888) + Drawbars, percussion 4 ', 2'2 / 3, 2', 13/5 with DECAY & VOLUME, …

  • Clavia Nord C2

    Clavia Nord C2 - " Exceptional!"


    Obviously, the zippers are virtual but have the undeniable advantage of viewing presets called. This is a good compromise that works very well and you get used quickly. For me, more than the physical zippers, these are the two keyboards that have …

  • Hammond L100 P

    Hammond L100 P - "A hammond organ full!"


    Hello! Then there's time I tell myself that I must give my opinion in relation to this organ! So here it is: Then this is a Hammond organ L100-P severely phonic and lamps! So without transistor is full of lights! It dates from the late 60 &#39…