Roland VK-8
Roland VK-8

VK-8, Organ from Roland in the VK series.

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Poupoun69 07/19/2004

Roland VK-8 : Poupoun69's user review


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Waterfall keyboard (I think).
No pitch bend Controller (too bad, but a real organ does not ...), drawbars, D-beam (nice), percussion ...
5 octave keyboard.
Stro output / mono, midi in / out / thru, sustain, volume, and to control the pedals by Leslie and / or button on the keyboard (very practical), connection on a vritable Leslie possible.
Total polyphony.
Effects chorus, distortion (Gnial) ...


The config is very simple and do not ncessite to collect all four mornings ds manual is being done well elsewhere (Pr ptite the story, there was a manual in English and has not been easy to have one in French because I had lost the right recording Roland for the guarantee, and he never wanted to give me one, my dealer who saw directly with them!! Not great Roland).
The call sounds made directly by the buttons (no sub menus, no guts, and it is much easier as has!).
Everything is done in a timely rels, effects available in faade.
Some are basic, are available (piano, choirs, string).


The sound palette is broad rev, and sounds are ... TOP TOP TOP TOP! ! ! !
The Disto is a rgal, and ultra sound practitioner.
Touch is a rgal, slip on without hanging anywhere.


I use it for 1 year 1 / 2, I do not resell it sr, and I advise anyone who is buying hsitent type of keyboard to make the leap, it's really a terrible to play up top. I have a Triton rack and I had a Prot 2000 B3 with the card and has nothing to do.
CONCERE the price, it's true that it is not given (considering the price and for organ sounds ...), we must rflchir rels on needs that have a .
I would do the same choice is clear. I have not tried the Korg CX3, it is certainly the dtour, but one thing is for sr is that I would always have this type of keyboard with me until death do spare us! ! ! !
What up, but what a start! ! !
AND LOOK, if it has not Vintage!