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  • Roland V-Combo VR-09

    Roland V-Combo VR-09 - " Lightweight and efficient"


    5 octaves velocity but no aftertouch You can put a damper and an expression pedal Almost all 200 sounds editable UTILIZATION The feel is soft, I obviously prefer heavy touch, but given the weight of the gadget, you can not do better =) 5.…

  • GEM Jumbo

    GEM Jumbo - nightmarica's review


    organ 4 registers: horns, strings, reeds, flutes the lowest octave can be played either with single register either enclanchant a bass for accompaniment. organ possesses a vibrato too. UTILIZATION difficult to make a simple organ, its a button.…

  • Viscount Cantorum VI

    Viscount Cantorum VI - " Perfect in its category"


    Classic organ keyboard (liturgical) 61 notes. Type keyboard church organ, simulating the effect of valve (mechanical traction). 21 stops are divided into 3 sections: Bass (pedal) Accompaniment (story), Grand Organ. 4 styles organ (Baroque, Romant…

  • Clavia Nord C2D

    Clavia Nord C2D - " B3, except for one thing ..."


    Double waterfall keyboard 5 octaves. Optional foot Midi. Modeling tonewheel organ - modeling Farfisa and Vox Continental - baroque pipe organ sampled. All required on this type of instrument controllers, optional expression pedal, Leslie On / Off…

  • Roland V-Combo VR-09

    Roland V-Combo VR-09 - " A perfect intuitive keyboard for live"


    5 Octaves One hundred sounds, divided into four parts, organ keyboard synth and rhythm. USB twelve o'clock etc. UTILIZATION Touch is basic, it's synth-based. We are used to this kind of touch. This is for live. Setup is simple, everythin…

  • Farfisa BRAVO

    Farfisa BRAVO - " Ideal for circuit bending!"


    It is an organ octave divider + static filters. It is full polyphonic but has only one envelope should be releasing all keys of an agreement at the same time for the release. No velocity. No effects (chorus + reverb are essential for a "standard" u…

  • Roland V-Combo VR-09

    Roland V-Combo VR-09 - "ROLAND V-Combo VR-09 / serious competitor to the "Great of this world""


    Roland Keyboards Organs - VR09 Roland Organ with three sound engines, Organ, Piano and Synth, Drums -------- 88 Notes -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- - Provision of clear and simple controls for…

  • Bontempi HIT ORGAN

    Bontempi HIT ORGAN - psantoni's review


    See previous opinion. UTILIZATION Super simple, a real treat to play even if you do not know how to keyboard. You plug it strums is recorded, and it sounds direct ... SOUNDS The sound is captivating, charming, powerful and organic. Suitable f…

  • Hammond SK1

    Hammond SK1 - " what a sound! (But what a gas plant!)"


    I will not repeat everything that was said, but still: It's what's really impressive and super nice. It is incredibly rich. It vibrates, it moves the gut, it inspires, it makes you want to play ... It is compact (barely wider than my master 49 key …

  • Hammond L100 P

    Hammond L100 P - " Very good!"


    good UTILIZATION good SOUNDS hammond OVERALL OPINION Very good Hammond organ has a low price, best that emulation, you have the lamps grain and excellent built-in amplifiers for cheap! …