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tonewheel_organ_shop 05/30/2007

Hammond XK-1 : tonewheel_organ_shop's user review


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Keyboard type water fall. 61 notes. Splittable
9 drawbars. a selector: upper / lower / pedals
Midi In 1: IN2/out .. Audio Left / Right / Leslie / pedal ..

The organ in his Regiond Edie Hammond, though having its orchestral ..
Total polyphony


Setting simple, menu-called almost on the fly ... continuous pressure on a button opens the menu function of this function. eg percu maintained settings menu = percu ..


Nothing to say: this is an excellent clone of Hammond in Hammond Suzuki. I am a seller of organs and those who attend me, know my passion for the Hammond of the past ..
the XK1 is above the Roland VK ... (J I sold the Roland VK, I was then trading at Roland) and I never No I was very excited about the VK7 and VK8 ...
Leslie effects are correct without more ... hard drive to replace the real impact .. but will complain of not having to carry a leslie!
All the configurable at will, wiring virtual foldback, frequency of the delay line of Chorus Vibrato ...
Regret weight! keys cxelles weigh less than a true b3 .. but about 14 kg and less than 10,000 francs (vintage money!) (less than € 1,500, money clone)


I have in stock since the month of March .. I love the bass pedal playable in left hand .. attention to HP ... it is powerful.
J loves percu 888 + ... I have set the XK1 to be as close to the sound of my C3 .. of course, I cut the leslie digital and requires no .. leslie leslie simulation mode Brake I like much ..
The organ is present, the treble sound rendz you .. not crash on the last notes as on some clones.
of fact, I'm surprised, as some of my friends, no magazine has noted the existence of XK1 .....
Value for money: hard to judge as a seller ...
but it is affordable .. say it's the same price as 68 weeks for a tobacco smoking 2 packs a day!