Hammond XK-1
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BassWalk 07/04/2008

Hammond XK-1 : BassWalk's user review


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Nothing to say about the general characteristics.
There's enough for everyone, everything, fix everything with this keyboard.


Access to important controls are easy touches of vibrato, chorus, and Leslie Drawbars on the left.
Volume, tone, overdrive and percussion as easy access to the top of the keyboard. One negative point about the tone control, there is that one button for bass, treble and medium. Therefore each time pressing the right below to select the setting and use the same pot. That said, an organ, it is not required to address this often Tone.
On setting sounds and effects, you must enter the menus are not always easy especially as the size of the monitor is ridiculous. But know that there is already enough to do with the factory presets. Note: to select the factory presets, this is not the easiest solution was chosen, we must press the Bank button and simultaneously the number of the bank desired to select a family of sounds. Then you have to press a button again to select one of the Bank's ... Potentiometer "push-turn" on Roland JV1080 would type was welcome ...
All this is of course a matter of habit.
On an organ, the drawbars are essential and necessary and largely sufficient to create the sounds of every day. Therefore the remarks in perspective regarding the ergonomics that I just described. Do not forget that overall, it still uses a few sounds that we like in terms of its style. Go no further, the key is to have fun using the easy and direct friendly zippers!
The manual is in English. You need to download the French version available on the Hammond Suzuki.


This is the highlight of this instrument and the only reason with zippers that made me want to buy it.
Hammond is the sound. For enthusiasts, connect a Leslie is possible.
That said, the numerical simulation of the original Hammond is the best of Clavia with that I heard and it is very realistic.
Compared to other clones of the market, so Clavia had caught my attention also to the Hammond sound quality but there are no zippers, ESSENTIAL to me!


Purchased February 27.
Failed in early June, now repaired. Brake button was defective. Disassembled and reassembled under warranty, there are traces, scratches inevitably associated with this repair. In addition, resistance to "feel" of this key is now different from the others and there is hardly that little "click" when it supports. Which I'm pretty sensitive and "manic" in relation to finishing instruments in general, I can only be disappointed. Unfortunately the "made in china" like many other things today that we could destroy our life and work. Had I known, I would not have purchased because of it. Some will not agree with me, but me working in the industry, I often see plants close. I also see the desolation and misery in the eyes of our workers. I am therefore not be paid attention when buying and I will be very critical of the quality and reliability of this instrument. This may be out of luck, but this failure is still arriving and as they say, it does not happen to others!
From my point of view, the ideal would be for the organ keyboard with zippers .....!
In conclusion,

Sounds Hammond
The effects
Touch keyboard

Manufacturing quality
Ergonomics for those who want absolutely Triffouille in internal settings
Screen Size
For those interested, the voices are zero extras but we bought it especially, especially not for that