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  • Viscount Imperial

    Viscount Imperial - le belgicain's review


    organ combo (intercontinental gem / viscount imperial) Double keyboard with preset drawbars and percussion. a dozen classic organ with keyboard sounds, with the addition of a piano preset and its sustain. percussion, piano and drawbars are only v…

  • Yamaha PS 20

    Yamaha PS 20 - Foreverchild's review


    49 keyboard keys light touch. 4 octaves. No effect except sustain. No controllers pitch, filter, LFO etc etc ...... Connection "RCA" plug "Headphones." An integrated HP (poor quality, but good to see the age of the beast). Music: Organ 1 Orga…

  • Galanti Galanti Apollo 49

    Galanti Galanti Apollo 49 - abyssum's review


    Organ analog type 1960 UTILIZATION The fact of having the control panel in the middle makes changes during the game against the vox jaguar, jumbo gem and nice keyboard too! SOUNDS Same email that a vox jaguar hand on his bass playing the orga…

  • GEM Jumbo

    GEM Jumbo - " Excellent vox jaguar clone!"


    Organ 60's UTILIZATION old 60's rock SOUNDS It sounds terrible! The doors, iron butterfly wherever there has continental vox, it is close! OVERALL OPINION In comparison with a vox jaguar, the same sound and because the same pattern, the…

  • Eminent 310 Unique

    Eminent 310 Unique - " Eminent 310 U"


    Eminent 310 organ U fully transistorized analog synthesis Total polyphony UTILIZATION Ultra-simple SOUNDS In the top pad sounds. Perfect for learning harmony. mainly used in the following albums: The lost paradise (Christophe / J…

  • Yamaha Electone C35

    Yamaha Electone C35 - " it is warm and it goes well"


    it fate or rca jack Features detail: UTILIZATION very easy to use, adjusting tones and volumes pulls the ear, the tempo and the Arpeggio type. volumes are well separated. we…

  • GEM Rodeo 49

    GEM Rodeo 49 - remy.maille.315's review


    Type of keyboard? A great vintage synth 70s How many sounds? a choice of 6 instruments with vibrato and wah - Wah A choice between 6 drum accompaniment And utility connections? A button On / Off and a headphone jack (it is!) UTILIZATI…

  • Technics SX U90

    Technics SX U90 - " Collector"


    An organ that can not hide her age .... No sequencer, no MIDI 16 Ryhtmes The sounds are from another era, brass seem to come out of the beginnings of video games, screaming violins, acoustic sounds very perfectible The instrument is unbeat…

  • Cosmosound CSE-60-M

    Cosmosound CSE-60-M - juan-karl's review


    Leslie monorotor It is not at all an amp lamp is simply a good transistor. manufacturing rather low end. Reverb to come away in a plastic shell very low end. Rotor cup polystyrene potentiometer cosmos 1 cents etc ... UTILIZATION What an amp .…

  • Farfisa Matador MR

    Farfisa Matador MR - " Cheezy'talien"


    What type of keyboard (synth, piano ...)? How many octaves? Soft keyboard, vintage, 3 + octaves lower. What controllers (pitch, modulation, sustain ...)? None directly on the dashboard but two or three taken to the pedals (I did not, so I will…