ELKA Elkatone 610
ELKA Elkatone 610

Elkatone 610, Organ from ELKA.

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yves yves yves 01/10/2008

ELKA Elkatone 610 : yves yves yves's user review


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Leslie cab type with high fever about Rotary.

2 input jack, a standard 220V power supply (no need to enter into if combo jack), switch to speed up + 2 potentiomtres to refine the slow and fast speeds (very practical, a missing on a 760 for example!).

2 potentiomtres rglage for bass / treble.

Reverb intgre, CONTL foot.


Could not be more simple! The only paramtres of rglage speeds are slow and fast, and qualisation bass / treble, a ring right away without taking the head.


Cabin trs powerful (100 W), we can say that a spit!

It is probably not the finest one can find a cab (it's not a real Leslie when the same ...), and sound reproduction becomes acceptable that a certain volume (as with most amps), but there's plenty to sprinkle a caf concert hall without recovery.

In short a sounds pretty good and strong!

The main problem is lack of bass, which cre amplification of a treble. O In some obligation to reconfigure the qual 'of the source.

At the same time it's not a 760 either, the grave is not Bafle trs great (and it is not rotating).


I possde for six months now and I'm glad trs! I got three BMOL:

- No switch off / chorus / tremolo hand, but a possibility to tinker. I myself have been asked a Half Moon allowed me to rgler this problem.

- The weight! a 50aine pounds, must be the lug.

- The sound reproduction is not perfect, but at the cost o it sells is not the flight)

I plugged into my module Vk8-m, and there's no other thing to say is that the simulations we can touver leslie on any machine, the vintage sounds really has with the gre distorted sound that goes well! Trs a good car not to start CHRE.