Philips Philicorda AG 7500
Philips Philicorda AG 7500

Philicorda AG 7500, Organ from Philips.

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AlexPalmito 02/06/2007

Philips Philicorda AG 7500 : AlexPalmito's user review


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Organ analog stereo all lamps (two dozen in the interior!) From the 60's I believe, made in Holland by Philips.
two speakers on the sides, a volume pedal, line outputs (stereo) or speakers Din plugs.
system 5 switches (which correspond to drawbars on a hammond) for selecting harmonics coming out.
The lower keys generate agreements that can choose via selectors.
There is also a reverb spring and an adjustable tremolo.


Very easy to use, each button changes something, unfortunately mine is a bit old and I believe that everything does not work very well ...
I do not have the manual, but I do not see what to serve it ...


So as I said above, mine has lived (salvage the garbage, and under state fitness ...) but despite ca I use it anyway from time to time.

The sound is huge !! heat quickly sends all your digital keyboards to the toilet !! according to the adjustment, we think of a Farfisa (sound well pitched, very sharp, terrible for reggae or jazz 60s!) or outright hammond if a rule a more round and fat (this heat !!)
in low, especially chord buttons is a sacred potato !! my mates electro fans loved the first bill !!
the reverb spring an old rotted his property, some funny stuff (but not all !!)
so basically it is very versatile, it is of course perfect for acoustic music typed 60s / 70s (reggae, jazz, funk) or outright to make very heavy electronica or dub ...


I've had two years still not finished being re-state (...) but I have already been able to use it a few times in the studio.
I looooooves !! (Especially since my costed nothing except a good galley to make it work)
I already played on a Hammond with leslie, so obviously AC has nothing to do (but I would plug my Phili on a leslie to see !!!), but frankly for a small organ unpretentious (in any case from what I know ...) and well I am very happy, and if I find one in good condition for not too expensive, I think that I purchased !!
seriously the sound is monstrous, bright lights !!
good after it's middle age, there is no noon, the outputs are in DIN, it is rather impressive (although, compared to an organ ...), but not too expensive and if one wants to use ca worth !! mine must have thirty years easy, and a few false contacts (very difficult accesible, that is why I galere ...) while still walking, ca air of being solid !!