Tokai TX-5 Classic
Tokai TX-5 Classic

TX-5 Classic, Organ from Tokai.

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ecceccecc 06/14/2015

Tokai TX-5 Classic : ecceccecc's user review

« A "B3" with some Brazilian flavour »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
In 2013 I was in need of a new Hammond B3-like instrument - in other words, a clonewheel. There were lots of great options, but my budget wasn't high enough to pay their prices. Then I saw this Tokai TX-5 Classic on a store nearby, which was much cheaper. I decided to give it a shot - and ended buying it in the same day.
The TX-5 Classic was made in Brazil - not so usual for electronic musical instruments - and has one of the best B3 simulations over there. The 61 waterfall-style keys (made by Fatar, I guess?), the two drawbar sets going from 0 to 10 each and the onboard effects like Leslie, Chorus, Overdrive, Percussion, Key Click etc., they're all excellent. The polyphony is limited to 32 voices (while B3 itself and other clones by Hammond all have full polyphony), but I really doubt that someone will ever use all of them, since each harmonic uses one voice, and there are up to 9 for each drawbar set, so it's not an issue.
The TX-5 Classic is a bit heavy, but VERY reliable for gigs, since it's made entirely of MDF and some kind of alloy (I still don't know exactly what kind), while the panel controls are made of a highly heat-resistant plastic. I see that it supports the tropical climate pretty well.
Start using the TX-5 Classic is a question of minutes. It's very user-friendly and has a 2-line LCD display that helps the keyboardist to easily control the parameters. It comes with user manual and a DVD with step-by-step tutorials on how to play the organ, and there are also some music examples.
IMHO, if you're a South American keyboardist, the TX-5 Classic is a must-have in your setup.