Tokai user reviews

  • Tokai LS105

    Tokai LS105 - "Japanese quality !" has images


    I just bought it this afternoon! I tried it out at the shop on a Blackstar H5 tube amp. It's beautifully crafted , with a superb lacquer! Mahogany body, maple top... it's heavy (not chambered like the new Gibsons). The electronics is incredible, t…

  • Tokai TX-Lower

    Tokai TX-Lower - "If you own the TX-5 Classic, you gotta get this too"


    This is the TX-Lower. It's technically a MIDI controller with 61 waterfall keys, but the main difference is that it was designed specially for use with the Tokai TX-5 Classic. They're sold as separated unities; this TX-Lower is an optional complement…

  • Tokai TX-5 Classic

    Tokai TX-5 Classic - "A "B3" with some Brazilian flavour"


    In 2013 I was in need of a new Hammond B3-like instrument - in other words, a clonewheel. There were lots of great options, but my budget wasn't high enough to pay their prices. Then I saw this Tokai TX-5 Classic on a store nearby, which was much che…

  • Tokai LS 85S Goldtop

    Tokai LS 85S Goldtop - "Tokai LOVE ROCK Gold Top"


    Purchased January 2003 from Sound Control Birmingham for £584 including Hiscox hard case. PAF humbuckers. This guita has got everything - fantastic build quality, beautiful finish, playability and superb sound. I've gigged with it three times now, a…

Translated user reviews
  • Tokai LS-110F

    Tokai LS-110F - " A skyscraper "character""


    Replica Les Paul made in Japan. Include exactly the characteristics of a LP however with a long handle and a tenon lacquered varnish. Mahogany body with a piece as the handle. Rosewood fingerboard. The pickups are standard Tokai MkII that sound very …

  • Tokai LP Limited Edition

    Tokai LP Limited Edition - " Certainly the big stew!"


    Pure Made in china discovered in a store pigalle Eco replica same concept as the classic Lp with 2 mic PAf 59 relatively good manufacturing no maple table or a depth slightly less priori mahogany body (akin to entry-level model gibson but wi…

  • Tokai Jazz Sound

    Tokai Jazz Sound - " I love"


    Type Jazz bass USE round super pleasant. SONORITS Very efficient slap (I love his sound) It supports very easily compared to a Fender Jazz Bass amricaine NOTICE GLOBAL Top Notch …

  • Tokai TFL-1 Flanger

    Tokai TFL-1 Flanger - gg.2705's review


    Technology: Analog Made in Japan, 70/80 'a priori 4 knobs: "depth", "manual", "speed", "feedback" Several adjustments, the knobs are accurate. Powered by 9V battery or standard Boss adapter, used via a garland for me. UTILIZATION No (r…

  • Tokai Les Paul Junior Limited Edition

    Tokai Les Paul Junior Limited Edition - stratolivier 311's review


    made in japan handle 60's not too thick 22 frets micro p90 UTILIZATION round nice not too big for my small hands access to acute ben like a les paul SOUNDS rather his rock to play with a lamp amp loud enough for the p90 articulate OVE…

  • Tokai Love Rock

    Tokai Love Rock - " A very good compromise."


    MIJ, easel classic LP sleeve round enough but very nice, 22 frets, the pickups are Alnico II Pro Slash 4 settings ... This is an LS95. UTILIZATION The handle is surprising, I was afraid to end up with a log (from the world of strats ...). I…