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AcousticsampleS user reviews

  • AcousticsampleS B-5 Organ

    AcousticsampleS B-5 Organ - "Just for its sound"


    Hi all, I couldn't resist after watching the demonstration video so as a great Hammond fan I bought it. I found the installation and activation process complicated but it finally ended up working - still wondering how btw. I find the UVI station…

Translated user reviews
  • AcousticsampleS GD-6 Acoustic Guitar

    AcousticsampleS GD-6 Acoustic Guitar - " Amazing!"


    The installation poses no problem even if the steps are long iLock license SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Ras OVERALL OPINION A week ago that I use AcousticsampleS GD-6 Acoustic Guitar with free plug-in UVI Workstation in FL Studio 11. Beautiful and…

  • AcousticsampleS Wurlie

    AcousticsampleS Wurlie - Aerodrink's review


    Installation without problem, especially now that we need to be more physically iLock key to register (the license on the computer object is deposited instead of the object key in the iLocm Manager). SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE The UVI player is very…

  • AcousticsampleS VibysM

    AcousticsampleS VibysM - " Superb!"


    Samples are delivered with the UVI UVI Player Sounds. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Knowing the now renowned piano of the same brand (Kaway EX), I expect no less of this instrument, and I must say I am not disappointed! OVERALL OPINION I got a few …

  • AcousticsampleS Kawai-EX

    AcousticsampleS Kawai-EX - " Best?"


    See above, compatible with Logic ESX 24 17 gigabytes of samples! I have a dozen pianos sampled, I no longer use the Kawai. The sound is beautiful, warm, lots of harmonics, very realistic and very dynamic. A dozen other lacking realism, its co…

  • AcousticsampleS Kawai-EX

    AcousticsampleS Kawai-EX - " An excellent product, very realistic!"


    Final Verdict ... After many, many tests, I opt for the KAWAI EX PRO Acoustic Samples and resell all other samples! Any takers? The only one to offer a decent return and close a real grand piano ... Depth in the bass, clarity and velocity (jus…

  • AcousticsampleS Kawai-EX

    AcousticsampleS Kawai-EX - " Very good product, very nasty surprise"


    Excellent sampler, I barely had a few days to discover not sold as standalone and Blocked by Kontakt Player shortly after having tried ... I do not find this acceptable ... Galaxy (also great) sell its products with a Kontakt Player license for 40…

  • AcousticsampleS Kawai-EX

    AcousticsampleS Kawai-EX - " excellent"


    see wash prcdant see wash prcdant I few days since the User Ive tried a number of virtual pianos and by far my prfr cest. In fact, jai limpression davoir find the sound I was looking for a long time. jadore sound, lampleur acoustics, three…

  • AcousticsampleS Kawai-EX

    AcousticsampleS Kawai-EX - ssebs's review


    - Format: samples and instruments kontakt (and gigabytes) - 5 levels in Down and Up (special feature: the velocity of relaxation is determined by the speed of play if I understand ...) - 3 mic placements, mixable - The sound of Kawai's very i…