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moosers's review

Fostex 6301B
The Fostex 6301Bs are a set of small 10 watt speakers that I've used in the recording studio. I didn't use these in the studio in a traditional sense for mixing or even monitoring, as they were set up as speakers in the live room for talk back purposes. So while I didn't get to use these in a traditional sense in the studio, they were still quite helpful and did a great job for what they were being used for. These monitors are quite small as they are easily movable. They've got both 1/4" and XLR connections.


I've only used the Fostex 6301B for talkback purposes, but for this application the 6301Bs did a superb job. However, I can't speak to how well they would work in a traditional studio setting if you wanted to use these for monitoring during tracking. However, I would imagine that they would be best suited as an extra set of speakers to check mixes on, rather than as a main set for any sort of use as they are simply too small for that. They also would seem to work well for simply listening to music on or for other media applications.


For such as small set of monitors, the Fostex 6301B are pretty cool little speakers. I can't say that I'd recommend them for any sort of extended studio use, but for simple jobs or for checking mixes on, they'll do fine. They definitely had a clean and full sound for the talkback application that I used them for as previously mentioned. The price isn't too expensive, but for 10 watt speakers it definitely doesn't make them the cheapest speakers on the market. Having said this, if you want a small set of monitors that actually sound pretty good, the price is actually pretty reasonable. I don't think that I've used any other monitors other than headphones made by Fostex that I can think of, but in my eyes they are definitely a trustworthy company that makes reliable gear...

sousou75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" recomendation"

Fostex 6301B
on his return is because there are not weighing more than a 10 watt armored especially recording studio well distributed


the sound is not very clear picture on that these sour


the price is very affordable for the quality back

montero79's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good reference speaker"

Fostex 6301B
The great qualities of this place are:
- Size (small and compact)
- The gain (amplification built for power 10 Watts)
- Its strength
- Color (listening fairly neutral, No low reflex. Such as the NS10, she is quoted as reference speaker in music studio, post-production film and television).
- The connectors (XLR and jack 6.35)
- The volume control front panel

Its faults: - weight (3kg) because whether a speaker amplified and is made of solid and durable.
- The lack of bass (85Hz to 13kHz)
This is primarily a reference speaker as the famous NS10, more than premises monitoring work.


For its size, it gives a very good record.
This is primarily a forum for proximity, which allows you to check the quality of a mix.
His lack of serious (frequency response: 85Hz to 13kHz) it is obviously lacking.
But its frequency curve is sufficiently neutral to what is asked.


I chose without hesitation to have met and used in many colleagues for over 4 years.

It remains a quality benchmark for whether a mix happen everywhere!

If you decide to use single monitor, you certainly undoubtedly a small subwoofer.

Its price / quality ratio is very interesting, and this is counted his size / strength which is very good too.

I remake that choice without hesitation, as I have already done.

Bigbonobo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex 6301B
Weighing surprising for small size, these small active monitors (10 watts true) you will make many services dplacement, associate your walkman or laptop. Unable prtendre curve rponse trs tense, they nevertheless provide midrange without coloration and bass farms, but are not prcises in the treble. Couples a subwoofer, they will replace advantageously, for making the comparison many times, your or your MP5 NS10. Without housing, you may dsagrables surprises in the bass. The switches are situs front, a couple red light, it is convenient. At the rear, one between 6.35 mono jack and an output line 10 V.


These speakers should be placed carefully in any medium dcouples rsons, brief tips that apply all types of monitors. They can not dlivrer a noise lev trs good for the neighbors, but are rather prcises. Places at your ears on either side of your screen, they will allow you to work without problem. Again, an associate subwoofer carefully chosen (mine is homemade) is essential. These little monitors have their place for some time on the banner consoles broadcast by Canal +, which can not be suspected of buying the hardware lgre ..


Five years of intensive use, falling one meter or more, many dplacements, sand and sometimes a little water, and always active. I mix on Genelec and j'coute my mixes successively the Fostex box + and + the Bose Acoustimass subwoofer is in another pice. Everything remains cohrent no diffrence gross. Having "hritquot, I do not know if I made that choice, and besides j'hsite change for Behringer Truth. But I am afraid of finding