Fostex user reviews

  • Fostex FT17H

    Fostex FT17H - "Excellent Tweeter à Compression" has images


    J' utilise ces tweeters avec des 12" Alnico GAMMA, des AUDAX PR170ZO, les fréquences de coupure sont 600 Hz et 6000 Hz. Le rendement est élevé et le rendu sonore est très bon, pas métallique mais plutôt naturel, ils supportent très bien la puissance.…

  • Fostex PM0.5d

    Fostex PM0.5d - "Amazing little beasts ..."


    One of my Genelecs 8020a broke down and I needed something not expensive as a temporary solution. I also have the yamaha msp5, which I basically use to clean up the vocals. (They are fatiguing and unpleasant: A tool to control the mids!). I have use…

  • Fostex 280

    Fostex 280 - "fostex 280"


    Hi about the fostex 280,Ive owned one for about 21 years now, and its still in great working order,it has a very nice warm sound, and has been very reliable for me, and still to this day, i also just got lucky and bought brand new fostex 380-s,which …

  • Fostex 450

    Fostex 450 - "great"


    rca jack xlr phantom power 9 UTILIZATION 8 straightforward SOUNDS 9 no hiss full sound good eq OVERALL OPINION 9 great desk…

  • Fostex PM841

    Fostex PM841 - "Best of the Bunch!"


    I wanted a set of monitors that would be useful for acoustic music as well as rock.All the other monitors I tried seemed to be set up for Dance music. They had too much Bass and tops and no mids. i was about to give up and I heard these. They soun…

  • Fostex PM841

    Fostex PM841 - "Outstanding quality affordable monitors"


    We were hunting for an affordable pair of monitors for a music production and DJ setup - auditioned extensively side by side models from KRK, Yamaha, Tannoy and JBL - and it was immediately apparent that the 8.4.1 was serving up a much more natural a…

  • Fostex PM841

    Fostex PM841 - "the hi's may hurt your ears"


    These monitors arent too expensive , and they sound pretty good which surprised me because usually when it comes to monitors if you don’t invest a solid amount of money then the quality of sound you will get wont be very good. The Fostex PM841’s are…

  • Fostex Model 80

    Fostex Model 80 - "classic"


    The Fostex Model 80 is a two track reel to reel recorder than prints to 1/4" tape on 7" (or smaller) reels in one direction. This means it will have the same amount of track width as a 2" 16 track recorder. It can be run at 7.5 or 15 ips and was des…

  • Fostex 280

    Fostex 280 - "vintage, we have come along way since analog"


    The Fostex 280 is designed to record 8 tracks onto a standard cassette. It features a built in mixer with high and low EQ on each channel, XLR inputs on channels 1 and 2, and 1/4” inputs for the other inputs. It can record on up to 4 tracks simultane…

  • Fostex PM-1 MkII

    Fostex PM-1 MkII - "Nice Monitors for cheap"


    I used the Fostex PM MKII’s on a few mixes over the last year or so. I feel they're great! No matter if you’re a hobbyist or a professional you will enjoy the clarity of sound that the Fostex PM MKII‘s provide. For such an affordable price these s…