Genelec 8020A
Genelec 8020A

8020A, Active Monitor from Genelec in the 8000 series.

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All user reviews for the Genelec 8020A

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 11 reviews )
 7 reviews64 %
 2 reviews18 %
 2 reviews18 %
Value For Money : Excellent

paradies's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A Standard for the control ... ...."

Genelec 8020A
These small speakers are found in many of its audiovisual mounting boards, music for picture. This is clearly above the range of small or MSP5 Yamaha HS5 that also crosses time timeframe for the rules mowed.
mine just radio France.
I wanted to have the same listening than I had sound design studio used (although in other rooms we had in 1030)
It was necessary that the budget does not exceed that amount too.
good 4 "and 2x20watts is very good for the assembly, Logging, clean voice, film music mixer etc ... for the compo is not very rock n roll ... they lack a little low for that. For dj ç'est clearly insufficient.

But for small compact speakers are the only with Adam A3X and Focal CMS40 me seemed to have enough. I preferred the focal Genelec, very precise working tools but a little tiring and unpleasant.
- I would say that Adam and KRK are better for musicians: an unflattering beautiful sound in the pleasant basn to compose and submix /
- The Genelec are in between my ears
- Most accurate focals to mix, but not very pleasant to deal ...


Optimal working comfort, the mids and highs are not too garish and they do not tire the ear like yamaha (it's not the same range either)
It should not be too push anyway.
A priori, sound mixers ingestion reproach them too low (sic)
musicians and producers and even more are already on the contrary they do not déscenendent enough ...
I recall that there are 4 small switch precisely to reduce the bass.
Because for a mix will require a more faithful listening to bottom, then cut or sub 50hz ...
I think they are a good compromise; but it is true that for some they lack bass, and for others they flatter them can be a bit ...


I use them for 3 years at home.
Before I used in 1029 and 1030, the Yamaha NS10M, and MSP5 HS5, the ditton Celestion (stereo model)
I would have them added a subwoofer if one of the two had not lach me. EN seeking possible causes on the net I found that this was not an isolated case, and I think it happens a little too often for the material that price.

Therefore it is likely that I would turn me into Genelec.
It is likely that I move into the CMS40 focal or adam, that have good reputations for music We'll see how it behaves sav ...

I do not pass this incident on my bill but it seems to me that this power supply outage too frequent deserves to be mentioned (I have never encountered failures of this type on any of my other machines even sure my first console behringer MX16 qi is still a tank ...)

In conclusion, the speaker range is the vital minimum to begin working with comfort.
Some electro musicians fond of KRK Rokit, that flatter a little down, it's probably nice to compose, but I think these genelecs and focals remain tools of a higher level, a pity that the reliability is not best for the 8020 ...

solo84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Listening "client" or control"

Genelec 8020A
I found secondhand at 300EUR pair in perfect condition, which is a bargain!

I listen to high-end (Adam S3X) and I wanted an alternative listening a little hi-fi and more representative of a consumer grade! They meet my expectations beyond my expectations!


Actually the sound is already amazing for tapping of this size and this price!

The pros: the dynamics is correct, the mediums are fine, the stereo is fairly accurate

The -: of course the bass is a little invasive and imprecise, and the highs are underrepresented

For their price they are great!


In summary we can say that the sound is rather flattering, warm, round, pleasant, and they adjust to a lot of types of sources. As long as you know them well it seems to me even possible to mix it, but they seem especially interesting in listening alternative control, to take a step back with a hi-fi listening trend!

Radio France used to control prods in the listening booths, it's no coincidence!

isma.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super DJ speaker"

Genelec 8020A
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
The size, portabilitee.

For what purpose?
2nd pair to complete my Dynaudio BM5A,
In return for fair dj set.


The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?
No, not for production, audio mixing, the bass is bloated, the medium is too pronounced.

The dynamics are respected?
Not really.

The sound is clear and precise across the spectrum?
Especially not 80Hrtz below.


Used for 2 years, connected to my mixer (DJ), I recommend the 8020 to DJs, very pleasant thanks to the powerful bass, it's like a club! Or as a multimedia speaker.

For sound mixing, production ... a symbol of BM5A is a joke, it's not the same price but I would not recommend very strongly Genelec, we can not trust them, it is not a tool, but simply entertainment, closer to the stereo.
I had to sell my Dynaudio system (BM5A Bm9s +) because of removals I rerouve with a 6m square studio! In 8020 with the main speakers, a hell of sudden they are for sale, and I am ordering the Focal CMS 40 that I listen to shop, they are incredible!

SebCK's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8020A
Monitoring home studio. Presonus Firepod used with. Monitoring.Mixage home studio. Listening to good old CD. The volume button also serves to switch not good. Especially since it is not so Crant, precision issue is not terrible nor practical to calibrate each new session's speakers ...


Stereo image is excellent if one gets good distance (70 cm for models) and have made rglages APRS. At 1.50m, has become more difficult to discern the left and right (well, when even!)
The sound is clear and you have the bass down a bit thanks to the small buttons rear. I was told that low taient unflattering about 8020 ... I think they are too in the end.


I have been 2 or 3 weeks.
I like their design, sound, power, even if lack shoots because I think a little bit, these speakers saturate (once only with a mix in progress). If the mix is good, they do not saturate and you screw up your ears. In a large pice, it will not matter.
Me is limited but I do not have the budget for 8040 ... I am with.
I find the volume button on / off a little void. Small, not gradu ... The 8030 prcis not have an on / off switch not included, and 8040 have nothing at all (which is the audio interface gre??) Short.
I tried various entry MODELS (100 infrieur pair) ... nothing to see.
It's expensive but worth it. Let's say the quality has its price in a studio.
It's been the difference.
With exprience, and with a little more time, I probably had more money then I would have taken but the Genelec 8040.

edodo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8020A
The low end is incredible for this size ridiculous. But that's neither deep nor refined. Neutral for me (I'm not without a low range of quality subwoofer)
Manufacturing is beautiful, the chamber is carved of solid aluminum, it's incredible. If you use a subwoofer is the slap, the sound is clear, spacious and refined. they do not vibrate at all.
They also sell a model with a non-EU aluminum finish hand-polished. This model costs twice as much and make you want to any thief to steal so you have to face. The model I have is black and it looks almost plastic from a distance. But it's solid aluminum, they weigh very heavily.


The real dynamics is of professional quality. It's going to no background noise to a fortissimo that will make you deaf so they are dynamic (and some 1m). It is a strength for a universal speaker. It's perfect for me and my wallet.

The sound is particularly in relation to competition with a treble boosted irritating after a while. The Genelec transcribe great with a touch of funky bass and midrange chattoyant. And work hours is the foot because they do not tire at all I think.


Monitoring without ear fatigue with a beautiful sound to my taste, that is not aggressive with neutral medium. If you use a subwoofer and you want smaller near-field monitor, then these speakers are the best investment for pro results.
Use a sub ...
anyway, the speakers can go down to 25Hz are few below 3000 euros the pair ... So good ...
While it is true that this price it cost to have Genelec with Linkwitz Riley filters and sub that goes with ... All one, and that of a sub Genelec more we have a system that rips!

charlototo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8020A
Height was an important feature because I had to take them to the end of the world ;-)
For Monitoring, mixing from a farmhouse and a map Motu.


No, I do not think it's a bit neutral and what drove me to invest in another pair far superior (for me)) the BM5A.

I find that bomb at the bottom and prevent a good definition of the transitional and upper midrange.


I use them for 1 year and I love their shape and strength of manufacturing. What I like least is their next "big sound Péchu" bothers me.

With experience and in my work I do it again if that choice only because of the size (for size is the model best suited .. but it would be despite a qulité sound that I deplore.

hotheure's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8020A
- Waist-to-quality (I have the bag for Genelec designed, and it has probably the best portable system, although very heavy-in the world)

- Especially listening and control mix at home and in the studio, I was tired of me being trapped by listening that I did not know.


- The curve is very neutral, the sound does not cheat. if there are acute there, if there are low, there are (within physsiques size). all this is a formidable precision.

- The stereo is perfect

- The sound is clear and precise throughout

- The dynamic is surprising


- For a month. I bought them to control a mix studio. They saved me. The night I checked with the equalization errors beside which I had become evident. I then taken to the studio and the engineer and me control over everything, they have avoided the planters.

- I like the quality for size. I regret a lack of power amplifiers, they can quickly saturate at high volume. Of course, care must be taken to control the bass as they intersect at 70Hz. I once bought the box of 8050 but that it is not portable!

- I Yam MSP5 of, nothing to see. As they lack the medium, we tend to put the voice before. I have Prodipe pro5, not bad at all, it's hi-fi listening, it's nice. Although for a second control style chain good level of everyman.

- Excellent value for money (seems expensive for the size, but the sound for the size which is pretty amazing)

- The choice, of course. Ah, if they could still collect a little more ...

fbarriac's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8020A
My dealer prfr (Please ;-( who will recognize HIM!) Given me the possibility to hear all the monitors in the price range I m'tais fix. 300 the pair. So: entry level.
Nothing will satisfy me or dclenchait me to want to buy.
Yet I needed good costs.
The Yamaha Alesis trs tiring and not very convincing (my taste) even if that's what I almost bought. As for Prodipe, I think they are flattering trs, best in the bass but that's not what I expect good monitors.
Doubling my budget, I t immediately convinced. (As weird ....)
The image stro finally made sense to me and my ears.
Pasta wall mounting (not supplied directionnelse and media tables and ergonomic rubber Aesthetics trs).
Lack of a real switch even if the volumes are used as circuit breaker.
They are being protected, to be compact and mobile, is a plus.
I am satisfied.


Good restitution.


They are almost perfect I got.
Serge Parys11/19/2006

Serge Parys's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8020A
The sound! After testing the KRK, Yamaha HS50, the Prodipe, testing of 8020 makes me feel like a myopic who finally found his glasses, everything is clear, precise.
Volume more than enough for a monitor in an apartment.
The bass are present are to be sounding, the rhythm has a very good attack, synths and guitars are bright.
Highly directional speakers: one must be truly in line so it sounds good.
The volume control is a bit tricky: the knob is small and you need to set the two speakers for a proper balance.


Huge stereo image.
No hollow in the spectrum, even in the low, which is really amazing given the size.
Listen very relaxing after hours mix.


€ 583 (negotiated) in total music bd Sebastopol, with payment 3 times free: quite affordable.

strobo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8020A
I have to change or DCID complter my Yamaha monitors NS10M which I lass with time (10 years of loyal service, but not always adapted to modern technology). Wishing rduire also taken place in my installation, I started looking for small monitors amplifis that I could easily take with me and my laptop.

Fond of sound quality, I did not want the Edirol or M-Audio coutes with me always a little "Scandalis (arf, it's a bit much as a word).

So I Tourn to Dynaudio, KRK and Genelec. I found the Mackie trs good, but overkill for my use. Too bad they do not dclinent A model still smaller than the HR626.

I know that technology Genelec trs is pointed, and the name I was also rassur. This is one motivation for my purchase. I have great memories with Genelec monitors (including 1031A). The quality of manufacture, srieux this mark, zero on the concession.


It is always difficult to judge the neutrality of an enclosure. That does not mean much. For me, there is always a proper coloring a monitor, otherwise they would sound all the same.
We should talk about accuracy. And that the ct the 8020A are just trs. They do not severe the o there is none and they do not say hsitent when high frequencies are ugly. The medium is trs beautiful, even if I admit that NS10M seem difficult to beat on the placement of voice (probably because the highs are slightly prsents trs).

Everything is dtach trsdtaill. We hear everything as if we could hear each track sparemment. Any default jumps ear, like a headphone costs at. In this sense, I find the sound of my AKG K240 headphones. What is true of monitoring.

Forcment then we redcouvre his CDs, but also his mixes (and I'm happy with the plutt rsultat, we must believe that my exprience of NS10M allowed me to make mixes trs phones!).
More srieusement, on some CDs, it's madness. You can hear the slightest breath of occasions, that guitar buzz, beat a little too appuy tails and reverbs are inevitable especially, was quick to rediscover that some discs are really massacrs in sound. That sounded good on NS10M and pregnant "standard / hifi" (goal of hyper compression / legalization) becomes foul on Genelecs.
In these cases, hyper-brilliants/saturs become acute and the sound is a sort of porridge unnamed.
There be no mistake about it.
On the other side albums and many well enregistrs masteriss (or more) are transcribed with a motion dcrire difficult. The album "Dummy" by Portishead is sublime, the latest Perry Blake and Cat Power are trsars, dynamic. Some pieces of Erik Truffaz are bluffing. The latest album from Cassius (known for big sound) is carrment explosive. And Minimum-Maximum (Live) by Kraftwerk concert with dives into the sounds of synths itchy and appear "before" the speaker so they are prsents.

In short, they are comfortable on everything, because they are fair. This is what we ask a professional monitor, and was in much better. Monitors is far from "home studio" ...

And if like me, you had a little afraid it's a bit of a luxury multimedia monitor: YOU ARE WRONG ROAD CARREMENT. Genelec is not in the public, and it is a professional tool we have here, in his stunning for its size. Moreover, just lift them to realize that each unit is really heavy and inspires confidence.

More importantly, we really feel like they come from another plant where the laws of physics have t regrowth. The bass is amazing, the picture is a stereo trs very precise and they send you push ds srieusement volume.

You really have to listen to discover the unthinkable.

Now what to consider:
- It takes a trs good investment, but it's true for any monitor. If this is to put them on top of a TAGRE, see M-Audio.

- They 20W 20 W. This is ample for a medium sized pice kind 30m2 (thus 90% of time sufficient home studio), is costing the vicinity. If we put 2m of the position of costing in a large room, it can be envisaged should spend on a bigger MODEL ... This is done to a.

- The bass is bluffing. At home I have to blow-4dB because I had too many, even 50cm from the wall. I still have the margin. But if we loigne, same thing as above.
And it is empty we will not search the sub-bass with. For a, it must (a) of sub box quality. So to drum and bass / dub / reggae, it will be usable, but the work will forcment bass limit. I have a sub "hifi" (Infinity) and good quality that blends well with the Genelecs. But it's just for the contrler purrs that drag on ...

- No on / off button. It has me a little inflated because they should be cut with the volume knob when I make a decision (my monitor path does not diffrencier headphone + control-room).
Nothing dramatic, except that the volume knob is not Crant and must visually adjust each time. Not terrible, but it's really looking for the small bte.

- The connections are in XLR symtriques, but supports asymmetrical. I have to redo cables (jack / XLR female), otherwise you have to buy, which extends the 30 euro bill in general.

- To listen to music, they are trs (too) analytical. For those who know something about the high-end audiophiles Facilities (without lapsing into sotrisme and exagration), we are in the same register but, if the speakers hifi "upscale" often for rle to make music more beautiful and costing Faithful to but less analytical (ie color), the genelecs transcribe music as it is, which does not exclude the motion . It makes them ruthless on some discs and this is what we want. Whether we did a good job!


I have had them for one week, making just yet. Despite everything, I termin 2 mixes with, and I took a slap on the rendering ... I still have 2-3 things fit, but it is empty we contrle things much better and comparison NS10M (branch always) / Genelec's scary, even if the NS10M remain a very s good tmoin the real world.

I have been slow dcider me, and thank you also GuillaumeF (below) for their advice and GregMako. It's really a good purchase and pes rflchi I'm not ready to regret.
While sr, there's more. It is always better, but I think we should do based on its installation and the need rel. This is what is the hardest to identify because we believe in always wanting more for his money, and therefore always wanting bigger which is not exactly nothing. For the home studio, this is the class. With a good headset complment to get low and try, hard to go wrong.

This last point APRS LONG notice: before purchasing this type of enclosure, it must be his own opinion, forget the name and on-themselves. This is not because it's Genelec it is unquestionably good. It will be nice if you have please.
Therefore, I would not recommend a beginner o really someone who does not bcp of exprience in the sound, so that would not even "ear". In gnral when we start, we plutt sensitive to sound flattering.

Otherwise, an excellent choice at least listen to the sound.