Yamaha HS50M
Yamaha HS50M

HS50M, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the HS series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Yamaha HS50M

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 45 reviews )
 27 reviews60 %
 13 reviews29 %
 4 reviews9 %
Audience: Beginners
Des notes et du bruit12/08/2010

Des notes et du bruit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Surely the best for 300 €"

Yamaha HS50M
The purchase was done more on a test and reading several reviews on AudioFanzine, not really on the specifications.
I use them on a semi-professional level for my hobby as a composer.
They are already amplified and are the only speakers I work with.


They are fairly neutral (in my opinion), it is not at the level of small new Focal but there is € 300 that separate the two. The sound is clear and they do not tire the ears too, bass response is present despite their small size (it is sure that if you look for a small sub kick well in the bass you need a box). I have been using


for several months before, I owned a pair of Prodipe pro 80 which have a very rough sound, it is too muffled for my taste, the difference in level is impressive, the Yamaha is much more precise .
The price / quality ratio is probably the best in the market in the range of 300 €.
Today I think I'll wait to have a bigger budget and I would get the Focal CMS40.
With 300 € in my pocket I would do this choice without hesitation.

kolaz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The right choice!"

Yamaha HS50M
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
value for money, the small size and good experience with Yamaha.
For what purpose?
home studio, mixing on Reason.
What amp / What configuration?
Connected to an imac with 21.5 a direct box and wiring XLR Art DTI planet waves custom, listen closely in a small room.


The frequency curve is very neutral if the use of the integrated equalizer is well settled, however, listen real close, the highs are a bit too present even with mitigation, but on-2db nothing really nasty.
The sound is super clear and very analytical (this is their property), and contrary to what has been said they have enough bass and they go down even quite low compared to what we can expect such monitors. At home the room correction is a -4dB and the bass is absolutely perfect and without any distortion even pushing the sound. The stereo image is accurate, and on some recordings there was the impression that some instruments are positioned on the outside of the speakers.


I use them every day for a month now, I have not tried many other models but I listened to the active mkII Alesis and one thing is sure, the Yamahas are more neutral, accurate, compact and cheaper. What I like most is that the bass is ultra clean while being powerful enough when necessary, they are amazing for their size!
What I like is a little less than they have a slight hiss even without any signal, however, it is no longer heard when we send the sound.
With the experience I would repeat my choice without any problem, we can't go wrong, however remember to take a very good connection and preferably a good balanced or DI external adapter with XLR outputs for connecting to a computer because otherwise we get all parasites (noise screen scrolling and hard drive noise). I use them with Art DTI is a WAD with isolation transformer and since then I have no parasitic noise!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha HS50M
I did not buy is the bass player in my group to give me the power to make a mix on a 4 title.
I am in a home studio with a config tascam US-1641 as a sound card.

CHARACTERISTICS level, while a t say I think.


THE FIRST COST ds then, something jumps to the ears! Dynamics! Frankly excellent for speakers in this price! Ca claque good grades and are prcise means what is happening.

In terms of image stro I think that currently meets all the speakers well.

Spectrum is the level that hurts the bottom ... Little bit of bass and low mdium! It is frightening the diffrence with other pregnant! The bass is prcises Submitted but not, it seems she does not want to get out of the speakers!

when you look more prs we realize that wind is the rear and must therefore moves away from the wall as possible (for home studio speakers, the manufacturers have when even have suspected that all the world has no place to put his chamber 40 cm from a wall). I try to move forward 40 cm, it's better, the bass is low but the more Submitted mdium look even more fled into the ground! I try to compensate with eq drrire speakers. I have not found my happiness!
It sounds good but when you pass her on a different mix of sytme costs, is too low mdium Submitted!
Too bad. They could be really good trs these speakers in my case, I pass the Rubicon 6A


In rsum these speakers have a good report qualitprix trs. They will idalie to mix models and flat to your mix!
Personally, I think these speakers are more effective in a electro and rap, ca claque prcise well and they are where they need to be!
For the Rock or acoustic music, they are the limits! Mixer battery lctrique acoustic or bass (often lower charges when making mdiums) s'avrer is difficult on these forums.
So I think these speakers had a lot of public
I will have two marks

For the electro: 9 / 10
For the acoustic: 6 / 10