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Analog to Digital Converters user reviews

  • Apogee AD-16X

    Apogee AD-16X - moosers's review


    The Apogee Electronic AD-16X is an analog to digital converter. At the studio I use this in, we have it locked into the Apogee Big Ben that runs with a Digidesign 192 I/O audio interface to run Pro Tools HD. The AD-16X has 16 channels of converters i…

Translated user reviews
  • dbx 704 X

    dbx 704 X - " Conversion of high quality and essential option 160SL .."


    Analog audio to digital converter or, more precisely digital output module dedicated to dbx 160SL. The sampling frequency is selectable, either: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz. Different quantization resolutions are also available: 16, 20 or 24 bit…

  • Lucid Audio AD9624

    Lucid Audio AD9624 - " EXCELLENT CONVERTER"


    AD converter stereo 24bit96Khz Stereo XLR, AES EBU digital output / SPDIF out WC 2 potentiometers for adjusting input gain facade Possibility of the linker 2 channels (front switch) so as to be converted into stereo identically OVERALL OPINIO…

  • Apogee AD-16X

    Apogee AD-16X - " super gear"


    conversion of 44.1 to 192 connection sub 25 Analog to Digital converter AD16X 16 tracks Digital to Analog converter DA16X 16 TRACKS CARD PCI 32 TRACKS IN OPTION FOR MAC PRO OVERALL OPINION 3 YEARS VERY GOOD IS THE PROBLEM NOT MATOS HITE…

  • Mytek stereo 96 ADC

    Mytek stereo 96 ADC - " Stunning!"


    analog / digital ADAT, SPDIF, AES a real Swiss Army Knife ... Clock really amazing! all my other devices (card, RME ADI2) suddenly took a real boost quality! OVERALL OPINION I use it for two and half years now and I am extremely satisfied! Capita…

  • Mytek stereo 96 ADC

    Mytek stereo 96 ADC - " good good"


    see instructions OVERALL OPINION I can only join what has been said above, great converter with good microphones on the sound is really great, the sound is rounder ie less digital caricature (which we boost well treble or bass but is quite low mi…

  • Mytek stereo 96 ADC

    Mytek stereo 96 ADC - Profmao's review


    The 96AD is a Anologique converter / digital stereo with two XLR inputs, outputs, S / PDIF (coax on my model, they are formatted toslink fiber optic today), AES-EBU (XLR) and that of a pair of BNC connectors to handle the word clock sync (master / sl…

  • Ion Audio iProfile

    Ion Audio iProfile - " Correct"


    As usual, there are several versions of this product that my comment limit the basic version of the LP ion profile. First, if Pb hearing (no sound) it is recommended that the shift of the software at: / ezvc, then for my part RAS t…

  • Lavry Engineering AD10

    Lavry Engineering AD10 - " an intelligent professional converter"


    conversions of 16 / 24 / 16 + frequencies 44/48/88/96 4 modes: clear (works with all frequencies) and also, tube / xfm / complex (frequency 88 / 96 only) OVERALL OPINION I just got it, I must master it. I have not heard other converters a…

  • Lexicon 20/20AD

    Lexicon 20/20AD - " Pro simply .."


    all is said .. OVERALL OPINION I use the 20/20 ad for 4 months and have tried many other models before buying (RME, Apogee, Behringer, Tascam ..) and it is clearly of a different class the last 2 marks évoquées.Il is more dynamic and friendly sou…