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Akai Professional GX user reviews

  • Akai Professional GX-630D

    Akai Professional GX-630D - "Great entry machine, get one!" has images


    I wanted a Reel To Reel for years. And i wanted a machine which i am capable of servicing and there shouldn`t be that big hassle when i need parts. After digging into the matter i came to Akai. This Brand has a lot of Fans and quite a lot of them ar…

  • Akai Professional GX-630D

    Akai Professional GX-630D - "Nice Machine"


    I bought this wonderfull machine when I was eightteen. The quality of transport, the quality of sound, everything was great and I regret to sell this wonderfull Device since...…

  • Akai Professional GX-635D

    Akai Professional GX-635D - " auto reverse"


    Nice camera, economic bands. Auto reverse (6 heads) An advantage and a disadvantage. I removed the heads completely block the mail because I was damaged during shipment. Easy to disassemble, easy to recover and for the rest I've cried. But with ti…

  • Akai Professional GX-912
  • Akai Professional GX-210D

    Akai Professional GX-210D - " Excellent, robust, easily transportable"


    I purchased new in 1972 for radio Cibot 2200 F at the time. Never had a single problem in 40 years of use. I also had (sold) a Revox A77 and B77 I still have a (failed him!). Although 4 tracks (Because Reverse), the Akai has excellent characteristic…

  • Akai Professional GX-4000D

    Akai Professional GX-4000D - Dom Brunet's review


    Marvel two analog two tracks! Almost a class revox with less maintenance! Mine must date from 1977 or 1978! No failure, only a small replacement heads to prvoir After 30 years, and god knows if he has turned! (Model house 7 / 7 - live recor…

  • Akai Professional GX-4000D

    Akai Professional GX-4000D - Timote91's review


    Discoveries that when I magnto j'tais all same. The coils turned endlessly in the living room on Sunday afternoon APRS, ct dual pick-up, and sometimes I was allowed to change the tapes ... Numrique then makes a clean sweep my first relay has the beau…

  • Akai Professional GX-630DB

    Akai Professional GX-630DB - geo trouverien's review


    A device which replaced an old Philips in 1990. No worries, but the receiver coil should have no lack of even slight warping. A good tool which I really done a service to the soundtrack of video editing and sound decision-room with microphone. The sp…

  • Akai Professional GX-630DB

    Akai Professional GX-630DB - patrickl472's review


    Sold for more than 10 years, a 2-track machine with low speed 19cms.Un sound quality but a band to use a four track peur.Prferer Reverse 6 heads GX 635 D (1978 1980) did the same for small speeds dfilement.Compars competitors Swiss those big Japanese…