2CAudio Aether
2CAudio Aether

Aether, Software algorithmic reverb from 2CAudio.

Public price: $249 VAT
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All user reviews for the 2CAudio Aether

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
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JoeW1's review

2CAudio Aether
Aether from 2CAudio is compatible with different working platforms like Xp , Vista , 7 or MAC.

The manual that is included with the software is quite detailed , enough to obtain the necessary information of how the reverb works.

The setup doesn't require a lot of time or effort , it's very fast and easy to follow.


The software from 2CAudio works beyond great , the program is very stable , provides different aspects of Doppler's Effect , high quality reflections and time delay.

I'm getting amazing performances while using this product , it really helps to achieve a whole new level of creativity.


I really like the precision of this reverb , I also enjoy using the lock function which allows to temporally freeze the amount of reverb used , the different types of curves and reflections , powerful time and space placement , and of course the great presets browser that has some very useful patches.

I also like the design that is extremely friendly to the eye , everything is well placed , the program comes with 300 factory presets , 33 space type models and something really unique about this reverb , the infinite decay mode.

As you would expect , a high quality reverb needs a powerful machine to rule on , Aether is not an exception , this product kills the cpu , that's probably the only downside to it , apart from that , perfect product , top reverb out there.

Value for the price is great , I would pay even more for such a complex and truly powerful musical tool.

Precision and quality of the sound is also very good , you get a very realistic feel to your sound using this product.

Knowing what I know , I would buy this product again , no hesitation.

BeyondR's review"One of the most Powerful Reverbs."

2CAudio Aether
Aether, the common design of the system is straightforward, the set up doesn't require some time, the manual is very clear and provides all the necessary information regarding how the program works, one of the biggest features of the system is the convenience offered with it.
Typical functions are easily accessible and visible to the eye.


The application performs incredibly well, the gear is stable and I've been using it for a while and I still use it in all of my mixes.
I'm getting high-quality results with the feel of this warm reverb called Aether.


What I like the most about Aether is the style offered and the sound ideal in a mix provided by it.
I really do enjoy the great interface, those nice deep hall reverbs, also to mention the build-in presets that are also valuable.
You can use it either on your vocal mixes, or even to elaborate a nice orchestral feeling, or some trancy kind of synth, it's very complex.
I like also the lock features that allows you to set a option to "freeze" and just tweek the other options leaving that amount stable.

I've tried several different reverbs, build-in reverbs, I tried very expensive reverbs, I tried Lexicon Reverbs, but I still stuck with Aether, I could easily say that it's one of the greatest that I ever encountered and it's use is world wide.

However there is an upside-down to the program, and it's requirements, you need a pretty powerful pc to run even one instance of Aether, but if you like to use it as a Bus, you really should either consider getting a weaker reverb or upgrade your pc.

Knowing what I know, I would buy over and over again because I really love this reverb and the way it sounds, the way it looks, how handy it is and the price is pretty good, check it out.

songboy's review"Wow, better than I expected"

2CAudio Aether
This is run on a Mac Pro running Snow leopard and Logic 9. So far, zero issues. Loads up quickly and no crashes or strange behavior. The manual is good, although honestly I just glanced at it. The configuration/setup of this plugin is really well done. Everything is very easy to see and manipulate (not the case for a lot of plugins out there). Honestly, the interface was really what gripped me about this unit in the first place. I use Audio Ease's Altiverb for most of my plugin reverb needs, but wanted something else just for the sake of options. After spending 10 minutes with a demo, I knew this was the one. I am honestly struggling to think of another plugin that has such a clean and friendly interface. I love Altiverb, but some of the areas of the interface are so small I am squinting on a 20 inch monitor. With this, I can read it from 4 feet away on my macbook pro.


Again, so far, I have had zero issues with this plugin. Very stable, and excellent sounding. The sound actually out performs many of my other plugins and a few of my hardware units (alesis microverb 4 for example). As for performance, I was really hoping it wouldn't be a huge cpu hog but it kind of is. Five instances on my macbook pro with i7 core and 8 gigs of ram and the CPU meter in Logic is almost completely full. That's in a project with only 5 tracks of audio and these 5 instances of Aether. But, I guess if you want hardware sound in a plugin, you have to treat that plugin like hardware (i.e. using aux channels). I ahve been using this program for three weeks.


I have to mention one more time the clean interface. Excellent job on that. Also, the sound. It really is realistic and quite pleasing. What don't I like, well I wish I could use one on each track in a 12 track project but at least on my MBP, it ain't happening. The Mac Pro Handles it much better but I haven't tried maxing it out yet. From my experience, you aren't going to find a hardware unit that is brand new for the same price with the same sound and control. As for the price, $250 is a lot of money hands down. But you pay for what you get and you get a lot with this plugin. 10 out of 10 for quality of sound (the plates are really really nice as well as the halls). I have used loads of reverb plugins and hardware and this has a great tone/warmth not found in many others. Yes, I would buy this again.

Wills01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Labor pro!"

2CAudio Aether
I use the full bundle with Aether, B2 and Breeze (funny name!) And it works nickel. The only minor point is weird that you can not convert a demo licensed after purchase, you must reinstall but that's a detail. The carrier air has very reactive.


Windows 7 64-bit / i7 3.4GHz / 16GB RAM, a recently updated PC. I have concerns stabilities but have nothing to do with the products evaluated. on the other hand, you can install multiple reverbs by this developer together and here is no problem.


Two weeks.
In fact I was looking for quality reverbs. I have tons of moderately priced (IK, Nomad Factory, VSL, Waves, Sonar ...) but I wanted to have plug-ins near the level of reverb rack. I downloaded the Lexicon reverb and Artacoustic of them. I think the sound is really on top, Lexicon not seem to me far ... but I do not like, I find it transforms the original sound that does not make reverbs 2CAudio. The presets are extremely numerous and well thought out. I tell myself that I will have to resume all my songs one by one to set these settings, but it will be a real treat. I feel able to place my instruments very easily in the acoustic space and the sound is excellent. I just need to slightly shorten the time that is available but all these adjustments are very simple. The record is especially well done to adjust es reverbs guide. I said that I try to build orchestras in my songs and so the reverb is extremely important.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

2CAudio Aether




never heard that for the price !!!