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  • Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX

    Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX - "Amazing for under a grand?"


    The WZ3 16:2 DX is made by Allen & Heath. It has 4 band EQ’s and features a dual mixing mode. There are some effects built into it as well. There are a total of 32 effects on this mixer which was a huge surprise to me when I had the chance to mix wit…

  • Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX

    Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX - "Amazing sounding Mixer with more options that I have ever seen"


    Yes, you can rack the MixWizard with the optional rack ears. The connections on this mixer include XLR, TRS, Midi and a link port that works with other A&H gear. This mixer does not offer any digital connections. As for channels, you get 16 mono f…

  • Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX

    Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX - FP User's review


    16 channels, each with direct outs and inserts, 6 aux sends with up to 6db boost (2 pre-fader, 2 post-fader and 2 switchable for pre- or post-fader), 48V phantom power, 4-band eq's with mid frequency sweeps, 100Hz lo-cut filter (to remove mic popping…

  • Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX

    Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX - " robust and efficient"


    rack is quite one enters xlr (16 channels) or jack (line level), insert and direct output for each track 6 aux including two devoted to an integrated effects disappointing. otherwise, parametric equalizer (low medium and high medium) awesome! …

  • Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX

    Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX - " Very good: very good sound and very practical"


    Rackable yes; hand exit and entry into XLR output jack in the symmetrical 16-channel, or 6 to 4 to 2 shipments and effective integrated practice to avoid leaving the rack effects; equalo parametric mids and highs and lows ; Live out on 16, insert et…

  • Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX

    Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX - " A good investment"


    Analog rackmount console XLR microphone input connectors, balanced jack line, insert and direct out per channel. 4-band EQ with 2 semi-parametric non-releasable. Phantom power per channel, low cut, phase reverse, Pan and ledmètre by (3 LEDs). No a…

  • Allen & Heath WZ3-12-2DX

    Allen & Heath WZ3-12-2DX - " What happiness"


    Rackmount console 2x2 + 8 inputs mono stereo, 6 aux sends, 2 onboard effects engine, 4-band EQ with 2 parametric conection XLR and Jack. UTILIZATION Config and easy to use even without looking at the manual. Many potential routing by modifying th…

  • Allen & Heath WZ16:2

    Allen & Heath WZ16:2 - Tech de scène's review


    This console Allen & Heath is in addition to being very simple and lgante, it is of quality and versatille the extreme. I had a chance to work with it and believe me, on all the locations and type of events to which I have done, I've never had a prob…

  • Allen & Heath WZ3 14:4:2

    Allen & Heath WZ3 14:4:2 - dtdfedoras's review


    I bought this to replace 3 14-4-2 mixwizzard excellent Soundcraft K1. rack for a table I have to say it is super complete: 10 mono inputs with direct outs and insert 2x2 stereo inputs so the final 8 stereo inputs 1 RCA stereo inputs Magneto …

  • Allen & Heath WZ14:4:2+

    Allen & Heath WZ14:4:2+ - benaudiotek's review


    Rackable, 10WAY mono, two stereo 6aux, 4groupes and four matrices Type Connect Pro inserts and XLR JACK STEREO Semi-parametric EQ No effect. Super console for small events and small groups, of course, whenever there is a kit batteire it is l…