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Amcron user reviews

  • Amcron Macro-Tech 1200

    Amcron Macro-Tech 1200 - " Of the small potatoes!"


    How long you use it? I used it for 2 years What is so special that you love the most, least? Good power in both the bottom than at the top, he never clipped once (But I paid attention to my hardware), I never knew what year it was, but I've …

  • Amcron D150A

    Amcron D150A - " Excellent amp studio."


    Used for 3-year monitoring HP or small multi-amplification. I tried lots of hifi amp, studio or PA. The +: the charm of old amp, a huge transformer and capacitor, a non-standard build quality! Listening to the stamps are returned, the bass …

  • Amcron Macro Reference

    Amcron Macro Reference - pagu's review


    This device is identical in all respects at the Crown Macro Reference. Crown devices exported from the United States bore the mark Amcron (do not know if it still is). I have a Amcron but I left a notice on mine under the heading Crown. …

  • Amcron Macro Reference

    Amcron Macro Reference - micheldeckers's review


    As a member Audiofanzine I would like to contact the person Who is selling Amcron macroreference amplified. Could You please give me phone number and email adress. Thanks in advance. Michel Deckers …

  • Amcron Geodyne 1

    Amcron Geodyne 1 - Enka38's review


    + + His clear and precise; switch: bridge mono (300W) / parallel normal stereo or mono; excellent value for money. - only drawback: A bit noisy (ventilos) it is necessary to remove him from the listening post. …

  • Amcron DC-300A II

    Amcron DC-300A II - UtopicDistory's review


    I rcupr this amp for my first, so he dej few years ... It's hard to do its 300W, you have to put back enough to get deep bass, and play again on the mixer, the equalizer ... nanmoins trs sound is clean. …

  • Amcron DC-60A

    Amcron DC-60A - UtopicDistory's review


    It's a pretty old amp, my first used it to his band and I rcupr no signs of old age or weakness, trs sound good bill, no How to change ... …

  • Amcron Micro-Tech 600

    Amcron Micro-Tech 600 - pvesco's review


    I used it in prt, occasionally one for ages, and I bought a used one a few months ago. What I like is quon forget! It does not break the speaker (I think q'il limited itself?), The sound is exellent, it is extremely reliable, strong in Stereo (230 …

  • Amcron D-75

    Amcron D-75 - Anonyme's review


    I use it for some years. I therm class quality of sound well above a 120 or 240 servo Samson. (Okay this is not the same or the same price range but it's just good to give a comparison with what exists on the market). Between: * XLR. * Ja…

  • Amcron MT 1201

    Amcron MT 1201 - sergiosergio01's review


    I use it for 6 years. . - Strengths: sound, especially a reserve power for the nominal data, crumbles not serious even at high volume, robust, quality manufacturing exeptionnelle. - Weaknesses: None. Compared to other amps ratings equal, it …