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  • Alesis AI-3

    Alesis AI-3 - "perfect 8ch line-to-ADAT conversion, both directions."


    This is a fantastic unit, powerup and forget. Used mine for 15yrs, never had even 1 issue !... amazing. Good dynamic range on conversion, clear front panel indication of signal presence and clip LEDs. Rear panel has the jack i/o and the ADAT i/o. S…

  • Alesis AI-3

    Alesis AI-3 - "Easy"


    Digital to analog converter with 8 ins / 8 outs 24 bit 48k max OVERALL OPINION I've had it for 2 years, it's awesome!!!!! I haven't had the chance to test any other DACs, but this one is very practical You can plug in ADAT and come out in a …

  • Alesis AI-3

    Alesis AI-3 - Tamino's review


    24/48 AD/DA converter (96k possible with 4 tracks), 19" rack-mountable format. - Front panel: Power switch, +4dbu / -10dbv switch, level/clip LEDs - Rear panel: Power connector (internal transformer), 1 adat in/out, 8in / 8out on balanced jacks 96…

  • Alesis AI-3

    Alesis AI-3 - jovitu's review


    AD/DA converter in ADAT format, 8 ins/8 outs at 24/48, or 4 ins/4 outs at 24/96. Analog ins and outs via unbalanced jacks or TRS Optical ADAT DIGITAL I/O Daisy-chainable Very easy to install OVERALL OPINION I've had it for one month. With …