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Soundcraft Analog Mixers user reviews

  • Soundcraft Sapphyre

    Soundcraft Sapphyre - "A good choice for small to mid-sized studios"


    An analog mixer with an in line setup, which allows a direct out to the recorder from each in/out module. However, the mixer features 8 busses, which are repeated in block (1-8, 9-16, 17-24 and so on) all along the mixer and can be used with just any…

  • Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX

    Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX - "A comprehensive, transportable and reliable 16-track mixer with phantom power."


    I bought this mixer in the 1990s to mix a drumset (8 tracks), a guitar (1 track), a bass (1 track) and two stereo keyboards (4 tracks). No integrated FX but 2 busses and 16 tracks with faders, gain knobs hi mid and lo settings, 3 auxes and pan settin…

  • Soundcraft EPM6

    Soundcraft EPM6 - "Soundcraft EPM6 Mixer"


    I've had this mixer since I decided to start taking my production seriously. It is a simple, cheap, surprisingly functional home mixing board. The board has 6 mono inputs/faders with an XLR, channel gain, return input, FX send, 3-band EQ, 2 mono aux…

  • Soundcraft MFX20

    Soundcraft MFX20 - "Good console at a reasonable price."


    Is it rack mountable? No, as far as i know. How many channels, groups, aux sends and returns ...? 20 mono channels + 2 stereo What kind of connections (RCA, phone, XLR...) does it have? XLR, 1/4" JACK, 2 RCA Does it have a built-in effect…

  • Soundcraft 400B

    Soundcraft 400B - "well built mixer"


    I recently used the SoundCraft 400B and I cant believe how loud and clean it is. I am running B1520 speakers and I am very impressed with Behringer. I have owned Yamaha speakers in the past, and they dont even come close to sounding as good as this s…

  • Soundcraft Ghost 32

    Soundcraft Ghost 32 - "The ultimate home recording studio console."


    The Soundcraft Ghost 32 has 32 A (main) channels with faders and 32 B (return) channels with knobs. The A channels have parametric EQ with a variable Q, whereas the B channels have high and low band EQ, which can instead be switched to the main chan…

  • Soundcraft MFXi 20

    Soundcraft MFXi 20 - "Soundcraft MFXi 20"


    The soundcraft MFXi 20 channel mixer has plenty of room for medium-large mixes, has 2 auxiliary channels, built in lexicon fx, sub channel, hi, mid (and sweepable mid), and low frequency controls on each channel (among other features) I play in a bu…

  • Soundcraft F1 16

    Soundcraft F1 16 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Peaveycroquette/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Practical and well-designed mixer offering many possibilities in spite of its compact size and its light weight. UTILIZATION It wasn't difficult to learn how to use i…

  • Soundcraft 400B

    Soundcraft 400B - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Music Partners Organisation/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Hi I'm looking for information about the secondhand price of this mixer in 2008. If orchestras still use this mixing desk for live performances I would li…

  • Soundcraft FX16

    Soundcraft FX16 - jichu34's review


    - Rack-mountable mixer, but the brackets are optional! So add about 50 bucks to he price! - 3 returns, 16 xlr or line inputs, 16 direct outputs to send to a soundcard!!! It's perfect for recordings!! - Quality Lexicon built-in effects compared to t…