Yamaha MG12/4
Yamaha MG12/4

MG12/4, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Yamaha MG12/4

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 15 reviews )
 10 reviews67 %
 4 reviews27 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent

lefenz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nikel"

Yamaha MG12/4
Rugged very good for me simple


The manual is clear and sufficient

The general configuration is simple rakable easily on a standard size rack thanks to the already existing pasta

Common functions are easily accessible


The equalizer is effective

small crakements with time on the mute button ....


I use it for six years for the price I find this table very correct and pro

RaphRaymond's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MG12/4
This is a rackmount console thanks mtallique part two screws that are on the console (pratique. ..), it possde 4 slices and 4 other Stros Monos, Les monos 4 all have pramps, only two of the Stros in a possde.
The connectors are XLR for mic level, TRS line (left and right spar for slices Stros) There is an RCA input for a CD player in addition to such units.
The two slices dernire stro also entries in CAR
The equalizer is graphic and three bands (100 Hz, 1.2kHz and 12kHz if my memory is good)
There is a group Stereo (2x Output Jack)
The bus output XLR Stereo possde and Jack
The output control room is 2 Jacks.
2 input jacks and AUX returns the first ... TO can be pre or post the second one has no choice
Inserts on each slice with pramp using a TRS
So on this point to say anything I think the connectors are therefore a horizontal takes more space but do not damage the cables, I prfre.


Well it works like an analog console, so it trs simple if you know what a slice, a bus, AUX, a Control Room and all a. .. Fawn any manual is quite well done, it is even enough pdagique and there are several typical configuration ...
Get used to the "ON" button is actually an anti-mute, so it is lit when the sound goes on while the console is a full-Mute button that must be dyed to let the sound. Well we did everything, and then a console that shines across it even prettier when!

I use it in mlangeur source and control room with a sound card FA101. Stro bus / control room is in my speakers, the groups and to the line inputs of my cards. I put a small section BMOL the control room that does not allow a great flexibility in the choice of sources.


The transparency of the online console trs seems satisfactory, I tried with a cd player directly into the monitors and then through the console, I felt the diffrence is not really significant ...
Pramp level is just under a. .. They blow a little so do not push the pramp further than two-thirds if we begin to perceive nettemment enough, but with my SM58 RULES of the sensitivity is 11 am and goes well trs trs fort without singing. A little but it's not at all ... Gnant Grain pramp is not tip top. Trs is flat, too soft or Retailer trs. We feel that this is not the world's finest what, but at the same time the Entire table costs the same as a good pramp.
The Eq is a little dirty but hey it can do its taff, low plutt are well chosen, are to mdium 2/3kHz the acute to 10 or 12kHz n'approte but not very bright s trs pretty. If you want to do a nice job of EQ it will have to insert a ...


I use it for two years to mix, cost of zik, record vocals, guitar, drums etc ... and frankly I had OCCAZ 160 I do not regret it. It much bigger than a Behringer, Alto, or a Mackie but I like it a more stable, the knobs are spaced further apart .... It is a very dark blue class and gay colors a little knobs all mtalis gray world ... I chose a little blind thanks to the advice and guidance on AF and another that possdent of the SERIES MODELS. For the price it's really good trs, much quieter than Behringer, it certainly possde of breath even if it is low trs (on the order of -75 dB roughly s) and much more reliable.

If I had the choice again today I do it again may be the same, or I sell my FA101 and the MG to look into the firewire console to have better pramp. Over time a lightweight I sometimes loose connection at the switch "group" in the control room section that I cut the left lane, I fiddle with the bouont and sound returns. Well, it is not functional CHRE and trs is a compromise to the quality of assembly and pramps ... Cel said I did everything to suggest budgets 150/200

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MG12/4
If your MG12 / 4 should be mounted 19-inch rack, simply return the sides of the console that make up the brackets.

Four microphone / line inputs and four stereo line inputs, two of which can be used as mono microphone inputs.

Six high-performance preamps to operate all types of dynamic or electrostatic microphones.

General switch provides power to the voltage of the six channels XLR mono microphone to use condenser microphones.

In addition to the main stereo bus, the MG12 / 4 bus has a stereo sub-group that allows for two additional outputs.

Each channel has 3-band EQ very musical. In addition, each entry has a single-pass filter HPF to remove any low frequencies.


Very easy to use.


EQ too effective, use sparingly.


Overall, it's a good mixer to use with good powered speaker (type HK Audio, Mackie, etc ...) for a cover band doing the Café-Concert.
See MG16 / 4 also looking for a little more input.
Good quality / price ratio in the whole and more reliable than behringer.

Directions: http://www2.yamaha.co.jp/manual/pdf/pa/french/mixers/MG16_4F.pdf

kclacher.one's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MG12/4
Yes it is rack
jack and XLR
pretty good the qualisation


I got a little jamboree by purchasing the MG12 / 4, with a view home studio!
For now it's my Premire console so I can compare it something else.
however, seems to be a good deal, (I do not know much at the moment so we'll see later). And the fact is my question: I go through my console in terms of micro, instru ... which is then plugged into an audio delta 66 (M-Audio) will cubase ds. on this console are my branches enciente monitoring active in the ST OUT XLR and I would like to know how to cut pregnant at the time of decision-voice and the singer is still sound in the headphones because every time I lve me to go behind each speaker to dye it galre times and especially if you have to open the bag and rcouter (j'teins turn on and non stop ... )
thank you for the rponse


She is suitable for beginners as I am in my first home studio, put a hand dtail is my question of the day


I, unwanted for a short time too so I can compare it over my Premire console. Note justified by the fame and the statements of other